Theory Lab

Winter term 2019. Time TBA. Organizers: Johan Aberg, Rochus Klesse, David Gross.

Theory What??

In lab courses, there's lasers, rockets, and explosions. Theory offers nothing but sheets, sheets, and more sheets.

Tired of that?

We present... ...the Theory Lab!

In the Theory Lab, small groups will give presentations on unconventional problems. There's three rules:

  • Projects must be presented well.
  • They should be unconventional/cool/exciting - but they also absolutely must contain some non-trivial physics (Or math).
  • It must be entertaining.

There'll be prizes.

It's a bit of an experiment. So don't look for precise details here.


The first meeting will take place on Thursday, November 7th at 4pm in the seminar room of the Nuclear Physics Institute.

Some topics

  • Any of the Femto projects we prepared for the Winter 2019 mechanics class. Like:
    • Control theory of a moon lander
    • The physics of the trumpet
    • Shrimps in Henon's sea of chaos
    • Space elevators
    • ... (see pdf file)
  • Coffee, and the physics of percolation (needless to say: you'll fail without a demonstration)
  • The mathematics of juggling
  • Invisibility cloaks
  • Knot theory (if it's not a knot, it's not a not-knot, but an unknot).
  • Minimal surfaces and soap bubbles
  • Anytining that could have been featured here.


Like, Bachelor students from the second year on. There may be some ECTS points, but don't come for that.