Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
Winter Term 2017

Location:Seminar Room 0.03, ETP
Time: Friday, 14:00
Contact: Jan Attig


Date Speaker Title Contact person
13. Oct, 14:00Falko Pientka
(Harvard University)
Transport phenomena of neutral excitations in interacting 2d systems
20. Oct, 14:00Lukas JanssenA fermionic gauge theory for bosonic deconfined criticalityMichael Scherer
27. Oct, 14:00Masahiko Yamada
Crystalline spin-orbital liquids with an emergent SU(4) symmetrySimon Trebst
03. Nov, 14:00Joaquin E. Drut
(University of North Carolina)
Signal-to-noise issues in non-relativistic matter: from entanglement to thermodynamicsZala Lenarcic
17. Nov, 14:00Lukas Sieberer
(University of Innsbruck)
A vortex-mediated non-KT transition in driven-dissipative systemsSebastian Diehl
28. Nov, 14:00Frank Schindler
(University of Zurich)
tbaFinn Lasse Buessen
01. Dec, 14:00Tobias Meng
(TU Dresden)
The gravity of Weyl: tabletop signatures of the mixed axial-gravitational anomaly
15. Dec, 14:00Yuta Murakami
(University of Fribough)
tbaZala Lenarcic