Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
Winter Term 2014

Location:Seminar Room 0.03, ETP
Time: Friday, 14:00
Contact: Peter Bröcker


Date Speaker Title Contact person
12. Sep, 14:00Oksana Sukhostavets
(University of San Sebastian)
Linear and nonlinear vortex dynamics in single and coupled magnetic discsAchim Rosch
16. Sep, 14:00Bela Bauer
(Microsoft Station Q)
Area laws in a many-body localized state and its implications for topological orderSimon Trebst
17. Sep, 10:00Lukas Janssen
(Simon Fraser University)
Quadratic band touching points in 3D: NFL phase versus topological Mott instabilityAchim Rosch
25. Sep, 14:00Lih-King Lim
(Institut d'Optique)
Dirac cones merging transition and geometric phase in Stuckelberg interferometer with cold atomsAchim Rosch
30. Sep, 10:00Wolfgang Lechner
(University of Innsbruck)
Quantum Soft Matter with Cold Polar Molecules: Glass and the Hexatic PhasePhilipp Strack
24. Oct, 14:00Jean-Marie StephanEntropy and Mutual information in low-dimensional classical and quantum systemsJohannes Helmes
31. Oct, 14:00Pablo Serna Martinez
(Universidad de Murcia)
Deconfined quantum criticality in a 3D classical loop modelSimon Trebst
14. Nov, 14:00Johannes Reuther
(FU Berlin)
A functional renormalization-group approach for frustrated quantum spin-systemsSimon Trebst
05. Dec, 14:00Wolf Wuester
(ETH Zuerich)
Cavity quantum electrodynamics with many-body states of a two-dimensional electron gasPhilipp Strack
12. Dec, 14:00Thomas Lang
(Boston University)
Dimensionless ratios for SU(N) symmetric Hubbard models and their critical pointsSimon Trebst
16. Jan, 14:00Zala LenarcicNonequilibrium properties of Mott insulatorsAchim Rosch
19. Jan, 14:00Natan Andrei
(Rutgers University)
Quench dynamics in integrable quantum many body systemsAchim Rosch
23. Jan, 14:00Henry Legg
(University of St Andrews)
Applications of magnetohydrodynamics to condensed matter - A Ward identity for magnetic helicityAchim Rosch
30. Jan, 14:00Christopher Max
(University of Cologne)
Quantum Criticality of CrystalsAchim Rosch