Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
Summer Term 2015

Location:Seminar Room 0.03, ETP
Time: Friday, 14:00
Contact: Jan Attig


Date Speaker Title Contact person
10. Apr, 14:00Andrey Bolotnikov
Scattering of electrons in graphene: some of recent resultsMaria Hermanns
15. Apr, 14:30Victor Jouffrey
(University of Lyon)
Sound absorption in Non-Kramer Quantum Spin IceMaria Hermanns
17. Apr, 14:00Yoran Tournois
(Utrecht University)
The holographic electron starMaria Hermanns
24. Apr, 14:00Lei Wang
(ETH Zurich)
Recent Surprises in the Simulation of Quantum Phase TransitionsSimon Trebst
08. May, 14:00Johannes Knolle
Dynamics of a Quantum Spin LiquidMaria Hermanns
22. May, 14:00Olga Petrova
Defects and Majorana modes in the Kitaev honeycomb modelMaria Hermanns
29. May, 14:00Stefan Maier
(University of Cologne)
The quest for the antiferromagnetic strange metal: ideas for the Wilsonian renormalization group
19. Jun, 14:00Patrick NevenPhD defense
26. Jun, 14:00Johanna KleinenOn the effect of a single magnetic impurity at the edge of a 2-dimensional topological insulator (Master Colloquium)
03. Jul, 13:00David Luitz
Many body localization in the random field Heisenberg chainSimon Trebst
10. Jul, 14:15Roman Orus
(University of Mainz)
Entanglement, tensor networks, and topological quantum orderJohannes Helmes
14. Jul, 10:00Oleg Tretiakov
(Tohoku University)
Antiferromagnetic SkyrmionsMarkus Garst
24. Jul, 14:00Andrew Mitchell
(Utrecht University)
Kondo blockade conductance through single-molecule junctionsRalf Bulla
07. Aug, 14:00Dimitri Pimenov
(LMU / TU Munich)
Fermi-Edge polaritons with finite hole massAchim Rosch
24. Aug, 14:00Johannes Reuther
(FU Berlin)
Classification of spin liquids on the square lattice with strong spin-orbit couplingSimon Trebst
24. Sep, 14:00Philipp Weiss
(Karlsruhe Institute for Technology)
Interference of quantum critical excitations and soft diffusive modes in a disordered antiferromagnetic metalAchim Rosch
25. Sep, 14:00Bela Bauer
(Microsoft Station Q)
Topological Crystalline Bose Insulators in Two DimensionsSimon Trebst