Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
Winter Term 2015

Location:Seminar Room 0.03, ETP
Time: Friday, 14:00
Contact: Jan Attig


Date Speaker Title Contact person
24. Sep, 14:00Philipp Weiss
(Karlsruhe Institute for Technology)
Interference of quantum critical excitations and soft diffusive modes in a disordered antiferromagnetic metalAchim Rosch
25. Sep, 14:00Bela Bauer
(Microsoft Station Q)
Topological Crystalline Bose Insulators in Two DimensionsSimon Trebst
09. Oct, 14:00Jamir Marino
(TU Dresden)
Driven Markovian Quantum CriticalityPhilipp Strack
23. Oct, 14:00Marijan Beg
(University of Southampton)
Ground state search, hysteretic behaviour, reversal mechanism, and normal modes of skyrmionic textures in confined helimagnetic nanostructuresMarkus Garst
26. Oct, 16:15Yoshio Kuramoto
(Institute of Materials Structure Science KEK)
Orthogonality and exciton correlations leading to Kondo-like effectAchim Rosch
30. Oct, 14:00Torsten Karzig
(Microsoft Station Q)
Steps towards robust quantum computation with Majorana bound statesMaria Hermanns
18. Nov, 14:00Ori Alberton
(Weizmann Institute)
Fate of the one-dimensional Ising quantum critical point strongly coupled to a gapless phononSebastian Diehl
20. Nov, 14:00Michael Scherer
(University of Heidelberg)
Competition of density waves and quantum multicritical behavior in Dirac materialsPhilipp Strack
10. Dec, 08:45Manuel ZohlenVortex crystallization in a bilayer Heisenberg-Kitaev modelSimon Trebst
11. Dec, 14:00Stephanie MaternUnconventional magnetism in spin-orbit entangled Mott insulators (Master Colloquium)
11. Dec, 15:00Wilfried MichelFinite-Temperature Sensitivity of Entanglement Spectra and Their Numerical Reconstruction from Renyi Entropies (Master Colloquium)
14. Dec, 16:00Peter Zoller
(University of Innsbruck)
Driven Dissipative Open Many-Body Systems in Quantum OpticsAchim Rosch
18. Dec, 10:00David Mesterhazy & Florian Hebenstreit
(Universitity of Bern)
Dissipative dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensation and entanglement generationSebastian Diehl
18. Dec, 14:00Arijeet Pal
(University of Oxford)
Finite temperature mobility edge in many-body localized systemsPhilipp Strack
08. Jan, 14:00Marc Schulz
(University of Minnesota)
Frustrated topological symmetry breaking: geometrical frustration and anyon condensationJohannes Helmes
15. Jan, 14:00Igor Mekhov
(Oxford University)
Using quantized light in ultracold atom problemsPhilipp Strack
25. Jan, 12:30Spiros Sotiriadis
(University of Pisa)
Equilibration and memory preservation after a quantum quenchSebastian Diehl
27. Jan, 14:00Tobias Grass
(Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques)
Make ions count: solving computational problems via quantum simulationSebastian Diehl
28. Jan, 12:00Markus Grassl
(University Erlangen-Nuernberg)
Entanglement Polytopes of Some Five Qubit StatesDavid Gross
09. Feb, 10:00Loic Henriet
(Ecole Polytechnique)
Non-equilibrium phenomena in light-matter systemsSebastian Diehl
12. Feb, 14:00Pavel Ostrovsky
(MPI Stuttgart)
Anomalous Hall effect in weakly disordered ferromagnetsDmitry Bagrets
26. Feb, 14:00Michael Brockmann
(MPI PKS Dresden)
Equilibration in the spin-1/2 Heisenberg chain after an interaction quenchAchim Rosch
04. Mar, 14:00Michael Walter
(Stanford University)
Random tensor networks and holographic duality
07. Mar, 14:00Boye Buyens
(Ghent University)
Gauge field theories: the Hamiltonian pictureSebastian Diehl
18. Mar, 14:00Jan ManousakisField theory of statistical toplogical insulators with chiral symmetry (Master defense)