Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
Summer Term 2016

Location:Seminar Room 0.03, ETP
Time: Friday, 14:00
Contact: Jan Attig


Date Speaker Title Contact person
04. Mar, 14:00Michael Walter
(Stanford University)
Random tensor networks and holographic duality
07. Mar, 14:00Boye Buyens
(Ghent University)
Gauge field theories: the Hamiltonian pictureSebastian Diehl
18. Mar, 14:00Jan ManousakisField theory of statistical toplogical insulators with chiral symmetry (Master defense)
15. Apr, 14:00Ferdinand Brennecke
(University of Bonn)
Equation of state of the 2d Hubbard modelPhilipp Strack
29. Apr, 14:00Finn Lasse Buessen
(University of Cologne)
Functional Renormalization Group Studies of Spin-Orbit Entangled j=1/2 Mott Insulators (Master's Colloquium)
13. May, 14:00Tomaz Prosen
(University of Ljubljana)
Integrability of a deterministic cellular automaton driven by stochastic boundariesZala Lenarcic
18. May, 11:00Lukas Janssen
(TU Dresden)
Spontaneous breaking of Lorentz symmetry in QED3Dietrich Roscher
03. Jun, 14:00Anne Nielsen
(MPI-PKS Dresden)
Fractional quantum Hall physics in lattice systems
10. Jun, 14:00Yin-Chen He
(MPI-PKS Dresden)
Spin liquids on kagome lattice and symmetry protected topological phaseSimon Trebst
17. Jun, 14:00Alexander Glaetzle
(University of Innsbruck)
Designing Quantum Spin Models with Laser-Dressed Rydberg Atoms
24. Jun, 14:00Elio Koenig
(University of Wisconsin)
Anomalous Hall effect in topological insulators and superconductorsDmitry Bagrets
30. Jun, 12:00Darshan Joshi
(TU Dresden)
Coupled-dimer magnets: From Heisenberg to KitaevAchim Rosch
06. Jul, 16:00Cedric Beny
Tensor networks and AdS/CFTDavid Gross
08. Jul, 14:00Halil Cakir
(University of Heidelberg)
Dynamics of the Transverse Field Ising Chain after a Sudden QuenchSimon Trebst
15. Jul, 14:00Christian Faber and Matthias PukropBachelor colloquiaAchim Rosch
20. Jul, 16:00Dario Poletti
(Singapore University of Technology and Design)
Geometry of system-bath coupling and gauge fields in bosonic ladders: manipulating currents and driving phase transitionsJamir Marino
22. Jul, 14:00Laura Classen
(University of Heidelberg)
Interplay between magnetism, superconductivity, and orbital order in 5-pocket model for iron-based superconductors