Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
Summer Term 2017

Location:Seminar Room 0.03, ETP
Time: Friday, 14:00
Contact: Jan Attig


Date Speaker Title Contact person
02. Mar, 10:00Ciaran Hickey
(University of Toronto)
Chiral Magnetic and Topological Order in Mott InsulatorsSimon Trebst
15. Mar, 10:00Laura Baez
(FU Berlin)
Numerical treatment of spin systems with unrestricted spin length S: A functional renormalization group studySimon Trebst
16. Mar, 10:00Masahiko G. YamadaDesigning Kitaev spin liquids in metal-organic frameworksMaria Hermanns
17. Mar, 14:00Nicola Wurz
(University of Bonn)
Imprinting Spin Spirals into an Ultracold Fermi GasAchim Rosch
31. Mar, 14:00Jan Attig
(University of Cologne)
Classical Spin Spirals in Frustrated Magnets from Free-Fermion Band Topology
22. May, 10:00Christoph Berke
(TU Dresden)
Weyl semimetal on the pyrochlore latticeSimon Trebst
02. Jun, 14:00Nikolai Kiselev
(Peter Gruenberg Institut and Institute for Advanced Simulation)
3D magnetic textures in chiral magnetsJan Mueller
16. Jun, 14:00Mikael Fremling
(University of Maynooth)
Composite Fermion Fermi liquid and the half-filled Landau levelMaria Hermanns
07. Jul, 14:00Maximilian GenskePhD Defense
24. Aug, 14:00Kazumasa Hattori
(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Multiorbital superconductors and local nodal cooper pairsAchim Rosch