Condensed Matter Theory Group Seminar
Summer Term 2018

Location: Seminar Room 0.03, ETP
Time: Wednesday, 10:00
Contact: Jan Attig


Date Speaker Title Contact person
11. Apr, 10:00Vatsal DwivediHigher Order Topological Insulators
18. Apr, 10:00Jan AttigBuilding Majorana fermions out of LEGO
02. May, 10:00Steven MatheyPeriodic drive in open Floquet systems destroys the equilibrium critical physics
07. May, 16:00Jonas RathBachelor Kolloquium
09. May, 10:00Ciaran HickeyDestroying Kitaev's Quantum Spin Liquid: A How-To Guide
16. May, 10:00Tim EschmannThermodynamics of a gauge-frustrated Kitaev spin liquid
06. Jun, 10:00Philipp WeissLuttinger liquid in a box
13. Jun, 10:00Lukas HeinenNew Chiral Magnetic Phases Stabilized by Cubic Anisotropy
20. Jun, 10:00Alessio ChiocchettaFluctuation-induced quantum Zeno effect
27. Jun, 10:00Zala LenarcicActivating many-body localization in solids by driving with light
04. Jul, 10:00Kai MeinerzMachine learning of phase transition and monte carlo methods
11. Jul, 10:00Bahareh GhannadHow I learned to stop worrying and love classical Kitaev magnets
16. Jul, 14:00Nils BruchLong distance tails in a current carrying wire (Bachelor Kolloquium)
18. Jul, 10:00Federico Toniellisignatures of topology in non-equilibrium steady states: bulk vs boundary
20. Jul, 14:00Florian MichaelSelf-learning Monte Carlo Simulation (Bachelor Colloquium)
25. Jul, 10:00Dominik KiesePseudofermion Functional Renormalization Group Perspective on Frustrated Magnets