Condensed Matter Group Seminar
Summer Term 2010

Joint group seminar by the groups of Achim Rosch and Ralf Bulla

Location: Conference room (Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Time: Wednesday, 10:00
Contact: Matthias Sitte (msitte AT thp DOT uni-koeln DOT de)


Date   Speaker   Title   Contact person
21.04.10 Eran t.b.a.  
28.04.10 Markus Nematic quantum criticality in metals  
05.05.10 Adel Interplay between Kondo effects in a Kondo lattice model with two inequivalent local moments  
12.05.10 Matthias V. Fermi surface reconstruction and quantum criticality: The case of YbRh2Si2  
19.05.10 Lars Mott-critical transport on the honeycomb lattice  
26.05.10 Etienne Probevortrag  
02.06.10 Ronny Thomale Entanglement spectrum of Fractional Quantum Hall states and Quantum spin chains  
09.06.10 Michael Real-space Green's functions and the Kondo screening cloud  
16.06.10 Ralf Real-space correlations in disordered Kondo systems  
23.06.10 Achim Topological phases and adiabatic continuity  
30.06.10 David Thermoelectric effects in Luttinger liquids  
07.07.10 Tobias t.b.a.  
14.07.10 Matthias S. Bound states in Bose-Fermi mixtures  
23.07.10 Mario t.b.a.  
28.07.10 Prof. Dr. Aditi Mitra,
New York University
Quenched dynamics in interacting one-dimensional systems from spatially inhomogeneous initial states  
Mo 30.08.10 Sebastian Diehl 3-Body Interactions from 3-Body Loss: 2 Applications in Many-Body Boson and Fermion Systems  

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Legend: "t.b.a." = "to be announced", "n.t." = "no talk"