Condensed Matter Group Seminar
Winter Term 2010/2011

Joint group seminar by the groups of Achim Rosch and Ralf Bulla

Location: Conference room (Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Time: Thursday, 10:00
Contact: Matthias Sitte (msitte AT thp DOT uni-koeln DOT de)


Date   Speaker   Title   Contact person
Oct 13, 10:00 Christoph Schütte DMFT in a nutshell
Oct 21, 10:00 n.t. n.t.  
Oct 28, 10:00 n.t. n.t.  
Nov 04, 10:00 Akos Rapp What is the asymptotic form of the scattering matrix in the three-state quantum Potts model?  
Nov 11, 10:00 Eran Sela Majorana fermions in interacting quantum wires  
Nov 18, 10:00 Kaden Hazzard
(Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)
Exploring the Mott/metal crossover in ultracold alkali and alkaline earth atoms in optical lattices (abstract) Achim Rosch
Nov 25, 10:00  
Dec 02, 10:00 Alexander Wollny Vacancies in non-collinear antiferromagnets  
Dec 09, 10:00 Lucas Hollender DMFT on the Periodic Anderson Model – Extention to the bipartite lattice  
Dec 16, 10:00 Markus Garst Rydberg atoms in one-dimensional optical lattices  
Dec 23, 10:00 Lars Fritz Can quantum oscillations reveal hot regions on the Fermi surface?  
Dec 30, 10:00  
Jan 06, 10:00  
Jan 13, 10:00 Prof. Dr. Janina Maultzsch
(TU Berlin)
Optical and vibrational properties of carbon nanostructures (SFB 608 Colloquium)  
Jan 20, 10:00 Karin Everschor & Matthias Sitte Impressions of the "28th Jerusalem Winter School in Theoretical Physics: Topological States in Condensed Matter Physics"  
Jan 27, 10:00  
Feb 03, 10:00 Andrew Mitchell Quantum impurity problems in real-space: signatures of RG flow and implications for the Kondo screening cloud  
Feb 24, 10:00 Pascal Krautscheid Helical spin structures in MnSi  
Mar 11, 10:00 Michael Becker Diploma Colloquium: Real-Space Renormalization Group Flow in Kondo Systems  

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Legend: "t.b.a." = "to be announced", "n.t." = "no talk"