Condensed Matter Group Seminar
Summer Term 2011

Joint group seminar by the groups of Achim Rosch and Ralf Bulla

Location: Conference room (Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Time: Wednesday, 10:00
Contact: Matthias Sitte (msitte AT thp DOT uni-koeln DOT de)


Date   Speaker   Title   Contact person
Apr 06, 10:00 Etienne Gärtner Impurity models with multiple bosonic channels  
Apr 13, 10:00 Achim Rosch Quantum critical conductance of a quantum wire  
Apr 20, 10:00 Tobias Meng Multiple dynamics at a quantum critical point: from unusual scaling to first order transitions  
Apr 27, 10:00 Ralf Bulla DMFT for multi-impurity Anderson models  
May 04, 10:00 Stephan Mandt Weakly interacting driven fermions in an optical lattice  
May 11, 10:00 Mario Zacharias Compressible quantum critical magnetism  
May 18, 10:00 Ákos Rapp Ground state phase diagram of the repulsive SU(3) Hubbard model in Gutzwiller approximation  
May 25, 10:00 n.t. n.t.  
Jun 01, 10:00 Christoph Schütte Dielectric breakdown in strongly correlated materials  
Jun 08, 10:00 n.t. n.t.  
Jun 15, 10:00 Eran Sela Orbital multi-criticality in one-dimensional antiferromagnets  
Jun 22, 10:00 Markus Garst Fluctuation-induced first-order transition in MnSi  
Jun 29, 10:00 Lars Fritz Dirac fermions in a magnetic field  
Jul 06, 10:00 Erwin Müller-Hartmann Hybridizing Wannier states for transition metal oxide chains and ladders Achim Rosch
Jul 13, 10:00 Matthias Sitte Chiral symmetry breaking of surface Dirac fermions in 3d topological insulators  
Aug 03, 10:00 Konstantin Ottnad
(Uni Bonn)
η, η' Mesons from Twisted Mass Lattice QCD Achim Rosch

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Legend: "t.b.a." = "to be announced", "n.t." = "no talk"