Condensed Matter Group Seminar
Summer Term 2012

Joint group seminar by the groups of Achim Rosch, Simon Trebst, and Ralf Bulla

Location: Conference room (Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Time: Wednesday,10:00
Contact: Matthias Sitte (msitte AT thp DOT uni-koeln DOT de)


Date   Speaker   Title   Contact person
Apr 04, 10:00 Koos Gubbels Imbalanced Fermi Gases
Apr 11, 10:00 Andrew Mitchell Non-Fermi liquid physics in two-channel Kondo models  
Apr 18, 10:00 Max Gerlach
(Uni Leipzig)
Monte Carlo study of directional ordering in the classical compass model (abstract) Simon Trebst
Apr 25, 10:00 Mario Zacharias Mott metal-insulator transition in compressible lattices  
May 02, 10:00 Bela Bauer
(Station Q)
Effect of thermal fluctuations in topological p-wave superconductors (abstract) Simon Trebst
May 09, 10:00 Eran Sela Topological phases and quantum phase transitions in the Kitaev-Heisenberg honeycomb model  
May 16, 10:00 Stephan Mandt Disputation: Transport and Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Optical Lattices  
May 23, 10:00 Benjamin Buldmann Coupled spin chains: spin flop transition in Cs2CoCl4  
May 30, 10:00 Simon Trebst Moments and Multiplets in Mott Materials  
Jun 06, 10:00 Lars Fritz Signatures of Kondo physics in FT-STM on surfaces of topological insulators?  
Jun 13, 10:00 Stefan Buhrandt Monte Carlo studies of three-dimensional chiral magnets  
Jun 19, 16:00 Tobias Meng Disputation: Quantum Critical Matter  
Jun 20, 10:00 n.t. n.t.  
Jun 21, 10:00 Karin Everschor Disputation: Skyrmions  
Jun 27, 10:00 Björn Sbierski Resonance Fluorescence from a Kondo-Exciton Achim Rosch
Jul 04, 10:00 Jonathan Lux Kinetic theory of Coulomb drag in graphene  
Jul 11, 10:00 Maximilian Genske Bloch oscillations in discrete quantum walks Achim Rosch
Jul 25, 10:00 Sarah Schroeter Bachelor Colloquium: “Berry Phase Physics and Spin-Scattering in Time Dependent Magnetic Fields”  
Jul 25, 10:40 Jan Müller Bachelor Colloquium: “Chirale Magneten in dünnen Schichten: Einfluss der Magnetfeldorientierung auf magnetische Strukturen”  
Jul 25, 11:20 Oliver Wohak Bachelor Colloquium: “Heisenberg Kitaev Model on a Honeycomb Lattice: Phase Diagram through Analytical Calculations & Classical Monte Carlo Simulations”  
Aug 30, 14:00 Johannes Bachelor Colloquium
(seminar room, Institute of Physics I)
Aug 31, 14:00 Jonathan Lux Diploma Colloquium: “Kinetic theory of two monolayers of graphene – Coulomb drag and transport near the Dirac point”
(seminar room, Institute of Physics II)
Sep 05, 10:00 Benjamin Buldmann Master Colloquium: “Coupled anisotropic Heisenberg chains in a transverse field”
(seminar room, Institute of Physics II)
Sep 12, 10:00 Anna Hambitzer
(Uni Bonn)
Direct Synthesis of Polarization for State Dependent Transport
(seminar room, Institute of Nuclear Physics)
Achim Rosch

Last update: Sep 11 2012

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