Condensed Matter Group Seminar
Winter Term 2012/2013

Joint group seminar by the groups of Achim Rosch, Simon Trebst, and Ralf Bulla

Location: Seminar room (Institute of Physics I)
Time: Wednesday, 10:00
Contact: Peter Bröcker (boertz AT thp DOT uni-koeln DOT de)


Date   Speaker   Title   Contact person
Oct 10, 10:00 Etienne Gärtner Real Space Realizations of Quantum Dissipative Systems  
Oct 17, 10:00 Achim Rosch A Solvable Model of a Mott Transition  
Oct 24, 10:00 Maria Hermanns Philosophy behind Quantum Hall Wave Functions  
Oct 31, 10:00  
Nov 07, 10:00  
Nov 14, 10:00 Carolin Küppersbusch de Haas - van Alphen Oscillations in Graphene  
Nov 21, 10:00 Matthias Lüken
Annika Kohlhaas
Bachelor Colloquium  
Nov 28, 10:00 Michael Becker Heisenberg-Kitaev Model in Transition Metal Oxides  
Dec 05, 10:00 Johannes Waizner Ferromagnetic Resonance - Excitations of Helices and Skyrmions in Chiral Magnets  
Dec 12, 10:00 Robert Bamler Phase Space Berry Phases in Skyrmion Lattices  
Dec 19, 10:00 Maike Schön Bachelor Colloquium  
Dec 26, 10:00  
Jan 02, 10:00  
Jan 09, 10:00 Dr. Thilo Gross
(University of Bristol)
Networks as a unifying approach to complex systems: a food web example Joachim Krug
Jan 16, 10:00 Dr. Richard Neher
(MPI für Entwicklungsbiologie, Tübigen)
Population Genetics of Rapid Adaptation Joachim Krug
Jan 23, 10:00 Lars Fritz Fun with Frustration  
Jan 30, 10:00 Christoph Schütte Magnetic Whirls in Chiral Magnets:
Unwinding of a Skyrmion Lattice by Defects

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Legend: "t.b.a." = "to be announced", "n.t." = "no talk"