Condensed Matter Group Seminar
Winter Term 2013/2014

Joint group seminar by the groups of Achim Rosch, Simon Trebst, and Ralf Bulla

Location: Conference room (Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Time: Wednesday, 10:00
Contact: Peter Bröcker (broecker AT thp DOT uni-koeln DOT de)


Date   Speaker   Title   Contact person
Oct 16, 10:00 Robert Bamler Phase Space Berry Phases  
Oct 23, 9:00 Peter Bröcker Master Colloquium  
Oct 30, 10:00 Carolin Küppersbusch Quasiparticle Interference in a Helical Liquid  
Nov 06, 10:00 Michael Becker Kondo vs. Majorana in Quantum Dots  
Nov 13, 10:00 Christoph Schütte The effective mass of the skyrmion  
Nov 20, 10:00 Maria Hermanns Unconventional quantum spin liquids on the three-dimensional hyperoctagon lattice  
Nov 27, 10:00  
Dec 04, 10:00 Max Genske Towards a quantum machine with ultracold atoms - Doublons and Holons in periodically driven Mott insulators  
Dec 11, 10:00 Johannes Waizner Dipolar magnetic field of Skyrmions and its influence on a spinful particle  
Dec 18, 10:00 Johanna Kleinen Magnetic impurities at the edge of a two-dimensional topological insulator  
Dec 25, 10:00  
Jan 01, 10:00  
Jan 08, 10:00 Markus Garst t.b.a.  
Jan 15, 10:00 Jan Müller Skyrmions and Vacancies  
Jan 22, 10:00 Stefan Wolff Coulomb Gas Transitions  
Jan 29, 10:00 Kevin O'Brien t.b.a.  
Feb 05, 10:00 Kazumasa Hattori Continuous-time Quantum Monte Carlo for Impurity problems in Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid  
Feb 12, 10:00 Berufungsvortrag Experimentalphysik  

Last update: Jan 08 2014

Legend: "t.b.a." = "to be announced", "n.t." = "no talk"