Condensed Matter Theory Group Seminar
Winter Term 2014

Location: Seminar Room of the Institute for Theoretical Physics
Time: Wednesday, 10:00
Contact: Peter Bröcker


Date Speaker Title Contact person
08. Oct, 10:00Johannes WaiznerHelimagnons and Skyrmimagnons
15. Oct, 10:00Markus GarstInfluence of crystalline anisotropies on the magnetic order in MnSi
22. Oct, 10:00Johannes HelmesTopological phase transitions in the classical toric code model
29. Oct, 10:00Mihailo Cubrovict.b.a.
12. Nov, 10:30Stefan WolffMaster colloquium
19. Nov, 10:00Kevin O'BrienMaster colloquium
26. Nov, 10:00Michael BeckerPhD Defense
03. Dec, 10:00Moritz ErnstPhD Defense
10. Dec, 10:00Karla Loida
(University of Bonn)
Master colloquium
07. Jan, 10:00Ralf BullaOn anharmonic impurities, entanglement, and multi-impurity Anderson models
14. Jan, 10:00Benjamin Millet.b.a.
21. Jan, 10:00Stefan MeierFunctional renormalization group approach to phases of broken symmetries and multiband models
28. Jan, 10:00Tim EschmannBachelor Colloquium
04. Feb, 10:00Sarah Schroetert.b.a.
11. Feb, 10:00Stephan Mandt
(Columbia University)
Large scale probabilistic modeling and machine learningAchim Rosch
26. Mar, 10:00Emad AboulouzMaster ColloquiumAchim Rosch