Condensed Matter Theory Group Seminar
Summer Term 2015

Location: Seminar Room 0.03, ETP
Time: Wednesday, 10:00
Contact: Jan Attig


Date Speaker Title Contact person
26. Mar, 10:00Emad AboulouzMaster ColloquiumAchim Rosch
08. Apr, 10:00Stephanie MaternMagnetism of a spin-orbit entangled j=1/2 Mott insulator on the fcc lattice
22. Apr, 09:30Benjamin HeilBachelor colloquium
22. Apr, 10:15Johannes Kombe
(Oxford University)
Anyons and Topological quantum computingAchim Rosch
29. Apr, 10:00Jan GelhausenOpen Quantum Magnets with interacting Rydberg Atoms in a Cavity
06. May, 10:00Peter BroeckerEntanglement and the sign problem
20. May, 10:00Dmitry BagretsEffective field theory of the disordered Weyl semimetal
03. Jun, 10:00Lukas Heinentba
10. Jun, 10:00Ramses SanchezMean-field theory of the doped kagome antiferromagnet
17. Jun, 10:00Laura KoehlerStrongly correlated critical chiral paramagnets
24. Jun, 10:00Wilfried MichelTracing Entanglement - From replicated Spins to Entanglement Spectra
01. Jul, 10:00Jonathan LuxFormation and thermal destruction of metallic puddles in a fully compensated topological insulator
08. Jul, 10:00Simon TrebstEntanglement monotonicity: c-theorem, F-theorem, a-theorem
15. Jul, 10:00Achim RoschSpin-Peierls Instability of Three-Dimensional Spin Liquids with Majorana Fermi Surface
31. Aug, 10:00David MikhailEinfluss des Tunnelns durch das Vakuum auf Messungen der lokalen Zustandsdichte in Graphen in Anwesenheit einer Stoerstelle.Achim Rosch
23. Sep, 10:00Jean-Sebastien Bernier
(University of Bonn)
Generation and propagation of correlations in non-equilibrium quantum many-body systemsSimon Trebst