Condensed Matter Theory Group Seminar
Winter Term 2016

Location: Seminar Room 0.03, ETP
Time: Wednesday, 10:00
Contact: Jan Attig


Date Speaker Title Contact person
12. Oct, 10:00Emilio TorresDualities
19. Oct, 10:00Peter BroeckerMachine learning of quantum phases of matter
26. Oct, 10:00Michael BuchholdExploring Non-Equilibrium Phase Transitions in Driven Rydberg Systems
02. Nov, 10:00Jan MuellerHelices and Skyrmions
09. Nov, 10:00Henry LeggSpin-liquid RKKY
23. Nov, 10:00Jan GelhausenQuantum-optical magnets with competing short- and long-range interactions: Rydberg-dressed spin lattice in an optical cavity
30. Nov, 10:00Johannes Lang
(TU Munich)
Critical relaxation in open systems without quasiparticlesSebastian Diehl
02. Dec, 09:00Johannes HelmesAn entanglement perspective on phase transitions, conventional and topological order (PhD Defense)
21. Dec, 10:00Tim EschmannQuantum Monte Carlo Simulations on Kitaev Systems
11. Jan, 10:00Maria HermannsNon-abelian hierarchies
25. Jan, 10:00Philipp WeissNoisy Boltzmann equations
01. Feb, 10:00Finn Lasse BuessenSpin liquids and competing magnetic orders in three-dimensional frustrated magnets
08. Feb, 10:00Jan AttigClassical Spin Spirals and Free Fermions