Department of Physics

Network Science Group

We are a broadly interested group, working on problems in network science, nonlinear dynamics and time series analysis. We apply methods from theoretical physics to problems in energy and climate science, power grids, econophysics and complex quantum systems.

Winter Semester 2020/21: Classical Field Theory
Please take notice that due to the ongoing Corona outbreak we will offer the lecture mostly online this semester. Find out more in the Teaching section.

We are thrilled to have Philipp Böttcher joining the group as a PostDoc. Philipp worked previously at the DLR - Institute of Networked Energy Systems in Oldenburg and will be working extensively in power-grid related studies.

Efficiently using wind power: We are thrilled to acknowledge our former PhD candidate Dr. Jan Wohland, now a PostDoc at PostDoc at ETH Zürich, for being awarded the Wladimir Köppen Award 2019 for his Doctoral dissertation. Jan was awarded the prize April this year:

[...] Dr. Jan Wohland impressed the jury with his work on the effects of climate change and wind-based fluctuations on renewable energies. Both dissertations provide analyses and approaches to developing and promoting low-emissions energy use.

The two winning candidates were Dr. Johanna Matzat and Dr. Jan Wohland.

We are located at Forschungszentrum Jülich, which lies roughly halfway between Cologne and Aachen.

We are happy to announce that Prof. Witthaut was awarded the Albertus Magnus-Lehrpreis by the University of Cologne.

18.02.2021 - Leonardo Rydin successfully defended his PhD thesis! Congratulations!

15.12.2020 - Lucas Kiefer successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations!

04.12.2020 - Jonas Wassmer successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations!

27.11.2020 - Hannes Hilger successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations!

16.11.2020 - Our article "Discontinuous transition to loop formation in optimal supply networks" was published in Nature Communications!

01.10.2020 - Matthias Dahlmanns successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations!

18.08.2020 - Eva Mix successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations!

01.06.2020 - We welcome Philipp Böttcher as our new PostDoc and Maurizio Titz as our new Master student.