Examples and Java applets

Evacuation of a room
The evacuation of a room with no internal structure (i.e. a ballroom) through a single door. The velocity profile can be seen as well as all other fields. The problem of conflicts and friction between pedestrians can be investigated through the friction parameter pfric.
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Evacuation of a room with two doors
The particles can leave the room through two exits at the top wall. The space between the exits is variable.
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Running through a room
Particles enter the room by a certain variable probability and leave the room through a door at the middle of the top wall.
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Corridor with periodic boundary conditions and bottleneck
The particles move through a corridor with periodic boundary conditions. In the middle of the corridor lies a bottleneck with variable width.
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Evacuation of a lecture hall
As an example of a more complex geometry the evacuation of a stylized lecture hall is presented. The particles leave the room through non-traversable tiers.
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