GraphAlignment/src/GA_message.c File Reference

Message reporting (implementation). More...

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "GA_message.h"


void GA_msg_default (const char *text, GAMessageLevel level)
GAMessageFunc GA_set_msg_func (GAMessageFunc msgfunc)
GAMessageFunc GA_msg ()


GAMessageFunc GA_MSG_FUNC = GA_msg_default
 Global message function.

Detailed Description

Message reporting (implementation).

Function Documentation

GAMessageFunc GA_msg (  ) 

Get message function.

Get the message reporting function. The message reporting function may be set with GA_set_msg_func(). This API is a generic, redirectable way of reporting various informational and debug messages as well as errors. A default implementation is provided for simple cases. To send a message, use

GA_msg()(<message>, <message level>)

where message is the actual message and message level is a value specifying the type of message. Interpretation of this value is implementation defined. See GAMessageLevel for values recognized by the default implementation.

Message reporting function.
See also:

void GA_msg_default ( const char *  text,
GAMessageLevel  level 

Report a message.

Report a message. This is the default implementation for message reporting which will write messages to standard output. Some formatting is done depending on the message level.

text Text of the message.
level Message level.

GAMessageFunc GA_set_msg_func ( GAMessageFunc  msgfunc  ) 

Set message function.

Set the message reporting function. This function will then be used for all subsequent calls to GA_msg().

Message reporting function.
See also:

Variable Documentation

GAMessageFunc GA_MSG_FUNC = GA_msg_default

Global message function.

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