GAVectorReal_Impl Struct Reference

#include <GA_vector.h>

Data Fields

double * elts
int size
int refs

Detailed Description

A vector of real numbers (implementation).

This type holds the elements of a vector of real numbers. Memory for this type is managed automatically if the interface functions from the API (as defined in GA_vector.h) are used. To create a new vector, use the GA_vector_create_real() function. To reference a vector, use GA_vector_ref_real(). To release a reference to a vector, use GA_vector_destroy_real(). The memory for the vector instance and the vector elements will be freed if the reference count reaches zero.

Vector elements may be accessed directly by dereferencing the elts pointer, for example


to access the element with index i of the vector v. The size of a vector is stored in the size member of the type. It is also possible to do a checked access using GA_vector_get_elt_real(). If this function is used, an error message will be sent if the index is out of range.

Field Documentation

double* GAVectorReal_Impl::elts

Elements of the vector.

int GAVectorReal_Impl::size

Number of elements.

int GAVectorReal_Impl::refs

Reference count.

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