Group members

Johannes Berg
Prasanna Bhogale PhD student
Simon Dettmer PhD student
Stephan Kleinbölting PhD student
Nina Müller PhD student
Nico Riedel PhD Student

Former members

                              went on to
Marvin Jens Max-Delbrück Center, Berlin (Rajewsky lab)
Bhavin Khatri Mathematical Biology Division, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London
Filippos Klironomos Max-Delbrück Center, Berlin (Rajewsky lab)
Michal Kolář Institute of Molecular Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague
Marta Łuksza Columbia University, USA
Chau Nguyen Max-Planck Institute for Complex Systems, Dresden
Otto Pulkkinen Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Saarbrücken
Joachim Rambeau University of Montpellier, France
Franck Stauffer Software industry