Gustav-Stresemann-Institut Bonn
28.-30. Oct 2011


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Three sessions (A,B,C), each with three parallel mini-workshops, one from each unit.

The general idea for each mini-workshop is that experts give an introduction to a specific topic (say the statistical physics of biological systems) to non-experts (say astronomers, particle physicists, etc.). For short descriptions of the content of each mini-workshop, please follow the links below. If you have specific questions (Why is it at all possible to treat biological systems with methods from statistical physics?) you can address these to the organizers before the beginning of the seminar, so that your questions can be incorporated in the preparation.

To register for the individual mini-workshops, you have already indicated your preference at The resulting list of participants for the mini-workshops can be found here.

A1-3 (Fri, 15:00 - 17:30) B1-3 (Sat, 9:30 - 12:00) C1-3 (Sun, 9:30 - 12:00)

Plenary discussion on Friday evening, 20:00:

Career vs. Family?
Plenary discussion about the compatibility of family and career

We have invited physicists working in different fields (e.g. science/research, consulting, school) who have one thing in common: they try to combine a family life with a successful career. After a short introduction, our guests will share their individual experiences of ballancing the challenge between raising children and a demanding job. We hope for a lively discussion among all participants.

Science Quiz on Saturday evening, 19:30:

Two teams of 4(max 5) students each, one from Bonn and one from Cologne, will meet in an intellectual and knowledge battle for a prize, for the honour of the University and for the pleasure and fun of the public!
There will be two rounds. In the first round questions will be asked to the teams alternating and time to discuss the answers in the team will be provided. The second round will be a "buzzer" round where "quick and clever" will be an advantage. Wrongly answered or not answered questions will be offered to the public and correct answers will be awarded. Without any attempt to be a professional show, this should be a time for fun of all participants and public.

The students in Bonn and Cologne are encouraged to plan/form their respective teams in advance. It would be of help if the team members have their strength in different fields of physics (and knowledge). In case no clear teams are known in advance, such will be built ad-hoc in the beginning of the quiz.


We are planning to offer several excursions to museums in Bonn, for example:
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