Quantum Field Theory 1 - Summer 2017

Problem sets and course information for Quantum Field Theory 1 in summer semester 2017

  • Mondays 12:00-13:30 and Tuesdays 10:00-11:30 - Seminar room (old) theory building
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  • Further problems email Henry Legg (hlegg, see below)
  • Wednesday 12:00-13:30 or Wednesday 14:00-15:30 - Seminar room (old) theory building
  • Achim Rosch (email: rosch)
  • Henry Legg (email: hlegg)
  • Zala Lenarcic (email: zala)
  • Philipp Weiss (email: psweiss)
  • Florian Lange (email: flange)

Please add @thp.uni-koeln.de to the emails listed above

Problem sets

The problem(s) marked with a star will be graded and should be handed in before the lecture on Monday to the mail boxes in front of the entrance to the (old) theoretical physics department.

  • Problem set 1 - Discussed April 26th. Solutions handed in April 24th.
  • Problem set 2 - Discussed May 3rd. Solutions handed in May 2nd.
  • Problem set 3 - Discussed May 10th. Solutions handed in May 8th.
  • Problem set 4 - Discussed May 17th. Solutions handed in May 15th.
  • Problem set 5 - Discussed May 24th. Solutions handed in May 22nd.
  • Problem set 6 - Discussed May 31th. Solutions handed in May 29nd.
  • Problem set 7 - Discussed June 14th. Solutions handed in June 12th.
  • Problem set 8 - Discussed June 21st. Solutions handed in June 19th.
  • Problem set 9 - Discussed June 28th. Solutions handed in June 28th.
  • Problem set 10 - Discussed July 5th. Solutions handed in July 3rd.
  • Problem set 11 - Discussed July 12th. Solutions handed in July 10th.
  • Problem set 12 - Discussed July 19th. Solutions handed in July 17th.
  • Problem set 13 - Discussed July 26th. Solutions handed in July 24th.

Extra files

Recommended literature

  • Condensed Matter Field Theory (2nd Edition), Altland & Simons, Cambridge University Press (2010)

    Very good overview of concepts in the course such as 2nd quantisation, path integrals, pertubation theory as well as concepts dealt with in QFT2 course (and beyond!)

  • Introduction to Many-Body Physics, Coleman, Cambridge University Press (2015)

    Nice compliment to Altland and Simons for further reading. Includes many problems and certain concepts not thoroughly dealt with in Altland and Simons, such as a detailed chapter on Fermi-liquid theory

  • Quantum Many-Particle Systems , Negele and Orland, Westview Press (1998)

    A classical text on the functional field integral formulation

  • QFT of Many-Body Systems, X.G. Wen, Oxford (2004)

    An advanced book covering many modern "topological" aspects of field theory

  • The Quantum Theory of Fields: Vol 1-3 , Weinberg, Cambridge (1995)

    A view on QFT from the high-energy physics perspective

  • Many many more! Please ask your tutor if you would like specific recommendations.