Joint Advanced Seminar (Oberseminar) Bonn/Cologne

From Strings to Things: AdS/CFT Correspondence in Particle Physics and Condensed Matter

Nature 448, 1000 (2007)

S. Förste, A. Klemm, J. Kroha (Bonn)

A. Rosch, M. Zirnbauer (Köln)

Monday, alternating: Bonn (HS 1, Physical Institute, 16:15 - 17:45) and Cologne (library, Institute of Nuclear Physics, 16:30 - 18:00)

Preliminary meeting (Vorbesprechung): 19.10., both in Cologne (nuclear physics library) and in Bonn

Background material:

In the last few years there has been an exciting development in the area of string theory. Like a hologram which encodes a 3d picture in a 2d photo, a d-dimensional quantum field theory (describing e.g. a strange phase in a solid or something related to QCD) encodes the information of a d+1 dimensional theory of gravity. This has practical consequences: one can compute physical properties of certain large- N limits of quantum field theories just by solving simple classical equations in a curved space (the Anti-de-Sitter, AdS, space). This allows to calculate experimentally measurable quantities, e.g., an optical conductivity. Basic phenomena like temperature or dissipation arise directly from the properties of black holes. This seminar gives a first glimpse in a rapidly developing field still characterized more by open questions than answers. A previous knowledge of quantum field theory is necessary, also a basic background in general relativity is useful, a knowledge of string theory is not required for this seminar.

Schedule and tentative list of topics

Date Speaker Topic Supervisor
19.10.09 -- Preliminary meeting
2.11.09 M. Zacharias General Relativitiy and black holes (Einstein's field equations, Schwarzschild solution, Hawking radiation) --
9.11.09 D. Lopez General relativity with negative cosmological constant (anti-de Sitter (AdS) space, black holes in AdS, Penrose diagram, reparametrizations)
16.11.09 S. Schmittner, S. Mandt The limit of large N in solid state physics (mean field equations, slave particles) --
23.11.09 M. Rauch The matrix-large N limit (random matrix theory, planar diagrams) --
30.11.09 Tae-Won Ha Strings and dualities in pictures --
7.12.09 T. Meng Emergent Gauge theory in solid state physics (nematics as Z2 Gauge theories) --
14.12.09 M. Poretchkin The holographic principle: a receipt for calculating correlation functions I (matching field and operators, scaling dimensions)
21.12.09 D. Klever The holographic principle: a receipt for calculating correlation functions II (finite temperatures and black holes)
11.1.10 --- No seminar! --
18.1.10 (Bonn!) G. Sukumaran The Maldacena duality (supersymmetric N+4 Yang-Mills theory is dual to type IIB string theory) --
25.1.10 M. Trujillo Martinez applied AdS-CMT: optical conductivity --
1.2.10 M. Schäfer applied AdS-CMT: Langevin equations --