Monday (05.03.2012)

Introduction to many-particle numerical methods:
Monte Carlo and the classical Ising model

09:30--11:00 Welcome and general introduction to computational methods and numerical techniques [SR THP]
11:15--12:00 Ising model and Monte Carlo [SR THP]
12:00--12:30 Computer practical [Cip-Pool]
12:30--13:15 Lunch break
13:15--16:00 Computer practical [Cip-Pool]
16:15--17:00 Ising model (summary); Quantum Monte Carlo [SR THP]

SR THP = seminar room of the Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Cologne
Cip-Pool = Computing suite at the Institute of Theoretical Physics


Instructions and exercise sheet for Day 1 computer practical can be found here

Lecture slides on Monte Carlo for the Ising model can be downloaded here and here

Lecture slides on Quantum Monte Carlo can be downloaded here