Tuesday (06.03.2012)

Many-particle quantum systems:
Basic toolbox for numerical treatment

09:30 -- 11:00: Lecture [SR THP]
11:00 -- 11:15: Coffee
11:15 -- 12:30: Computer practical [Cip-Pool]
12:30 -- 13:30: Lunch
13:30 -- 15:00: Computer practical [Cip-Pool]
15:00 -- 15:30: Coffee
15:30 -- 17:00: Lecture [SR THP]

Basic toolbox for many-particle systems.
Non-interacting quantum systems: diagonalization by orthogonal transformation of operators, Green function methods, spectral functions, broadening discrete numerical data, Kramers-Kronig transformations etc.


Instructions and exercise sheet for the Day 2 computer practical can be found here

Additional information about the C matrix class can be found here

Lecture slides for 'Quantum Systems and the basic toolbox' can be found here

Lecture slides for 'Green functions and equations of motion' can be found here