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Information for students

Scientific interests

My scientific interests are mainly in statistical physics of complex systems in non-equilibrium, for instance as occurring in biology. In particular, I am concerned with physical modeling of diverse phenomena in molecular biology, molecular evolution, and structural bioinformatics, such as representation and organization of protein structures, evolution of protein sequences, or dynamical properties of complex networks. More `classical´ fields of interest are structure and dynamics of soft matter as well as electronic and mechanical transport in mesoscopic systems. To get a somewhat more detailed impression, have a look on my research hightlights.

Thesis topics: General comments

The central three prerequisites to successfully conduct a thesis in my group are scientific curiosity, the wish to become acquainted with a topic at the forefront of research, and the demand to conduct an ambitious project. Naturally, the same prerequisites hold for `Miniforschung´ projects as well.

The major part of the conducted research relies on numerical simulations, so computer skills are helpful but not mandatory to join my group. As most of my projects are part of larger collaborations with other scientists, most of them not being located in Germany, being reasonably fluent in English is also helpful but again not mandatory to join my group. Being involved in such collaboration usually yields the possibility to spend some part of the thesis' time abroad in the respective collaborator's group.

Thesis topics: Possible projects

There are several challenging BSc, MSc, and PhD thesis projects to fill, please find below a list of broader research topics and possible research directions outlined by keywords

To get a somewhat more detailed impression, have a look on my research hightlights. In case you are interested in one of the above projects, please contact me.

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