April 2016:
Lecture series on CFT and non-abelian bosonization at the EPFL... [More]

August 2015:
Accepted offer to start as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne...

July 2015:
Albertus Magnus Teaching Award. Many thanks to my enthusiastic students!

June 2014:
Jochen admitted to Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy (BCGS). Congratulations!

April 2014:
Jerome Dubail (Nancy) visiting for a week...

March 2014:
Hong-Hao Tu (MPQ) visiting for a week...

January 2014:
Abhishek Roy (Urbana-Champaign) starting as a postdoc...

October 2013:
Kasper successful with his PhD Defense. Congratulations...

April 2013:
Spin Model Seminar started... [More]

January 2013:
Successful with Habilitation...

June 2012:
University of Cologne and BCGS successful in the German Federal "Excellence Initiative". [More]

June 2012:
Peter awarded Marie-Curie Fellowship for research at the University of Luxembourg. Congratulaions!

November 2011:
Abbas Saberi awarded Humboldt Fellowship. Congratulations!

October 2011:
Harm Michalski and Nezhla Aghaei joined the group for their diploma/master thesis.

July 2011:
Kasper admitted to Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy (BCGS).

May 2011:
Kasper awarded Kamerlingh Onnes Prize for his master thesis. Congratulations!

May 2011:
SFB project evaluated positively.

May 2011:
Abbas Saberi (Teheran) starting as a postdoc...

April 2010:
Offer to lead a Junior Research Group in Cologne.

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My research interests are centered around various aspects of Mathematical Physics. In particular, I have been working on two dimensional exactly solvable quantum field theories, their mathematical structure and their applications. I am member of the Collaborative Research Center SFB|TR12 "Symmetries and Universality in Mesoscopic Systems", contributing to the subprojects "Topological Insulators with Interactions" and "Symmetries and structure of 2D conformal superspace sigma-models". I am also member of the newly established Center of Excellence "Quantum Matter and Materials" (QM2).

Most of our group is busy with one or more of the following subjects...

Disordered systems and topological phases of strongly correlated systems:

Constructive aspects of quantum field theory and string theory:

Representation theory:

(Former) Collaborators:
Anton Yu. Alekseev, Giuseppe d'Appollonio, Roberto Bondesan, Constantin Candu, Thomas Creutzig, Kasper Duivenvoorden, Stefan Fredenhagen, Gerhard Götz, Anatoly Konechny, Vladimir Mitev, Abhishek Roy, Ingo Runkel, Hubert Saleur, Volker Schomerus, Christoph Schweigert and Gerard Watts.