Summer Term 2003
5 MayChr. Heinicke3D Einstein-Cartan-Chern-Simons theory: BTZ-like solution with torsion
12 MayA. Barvinsky (Moscow)Physics of extra dimensions and braneworld theory
19 MayA. Papazoglou (Bonn) Problems and solutions in finite range gravity
26 MayA. Kamenshchik (Moscow/Como)A generalization of the Heckmann-Schücking cosmological model
2 JunY. Obukhov Bianchi IX cosmological models with expansion and rotation
23 JunC. Weber Linear and nonlinear optics in semiconductor quantum dots
7 JulE. Schücking (New York) Drei-dimensionale Bianchi Räume
14 JulW. Zimdahl Interacting quintessence and the coincidence problem
16 JulJ. Schröter (Paderborn) Eine Neuformulierung der Allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie
21 JulS. Barve (MPI für Gravitationsphysik, Golm) Energy Bursts on Cauchy Horizons?