Summer Term 2004
30 AprJutta Kunz (Oldenburg) Black Holes with Yang--Mills Hair
3 MayNorbert Düchting Supermassive black holes from primordial black hole seeds
10 MayJulio Fabris (Vitoria) Does Quantum Cosmology predict a constant dilatonic field?
17 MayS. Banerjee (Kaiserslautern) General Quantum Brownian Motion with Initially Correlated and Nonlinearly Coupled Environment
21 MayBahram Mashhoon (Univ. of Missouri-Columbia) Pioneer Anomaly - Anomalous acceleration of outer space satellites
11 JuneRenate Loll (Utrecht) Causality and the microstructure of spacetime
14 JuneT.P. Singh (Tata Inst., Bombay) Quantum gravitational collapse --canceled!--
14 JuneMichael Kramer (U. Manchester, Jodrell-Bank Observatory) The first double pulsar system - a unique testbed for relativsitic gravity
18 JuneWinfried Zimdahl On cosmological equations of state
25 JuneViatcheslav Mukhanov (München) Inflation - Conjectures versus Facts
28 JuneTobias Lück Supersymmetric quantum cosmology
5 JulTorsten Bringmann Stability of homogeneous extra dimensions
9 JulTomislav Prokopec (Heidelberg) Photon mass in inflation and cosmological magnetic fields
12 JulJose G. Pereira (UNESP, Sao Paulo Univeristy) Conformal Symmetry and the Cosmological Term
26 JulIngo Lohmar Dynamik primordialer Fluktuationen im inflationären Universum