Summer Term 2005
11 Apr15:15Bernard Jancewicz (Breslau) Maxwell stress tensor. An elementary introduction in terms of differential forms Th 216
18 Apr15:15Eric Minassian (Bern) Spacetime Singularities of (2+1)-Dimensional Universe in Quantum Gravity Th 216
25 Apr15:15Ricardo Gallego (Bonn) On the Maximal Universal Acceleration in Deterministic Finslerian Models Th 216
2 May15:15Uwe Guenther (FZ Rossendorf) Stability issues of multidimensional gravitational models with R^4 scalar curvature nonlinearities Th 216
23 May15:15Mariusz Dabrowski (Stettin) Big-Rip, sudden future singularities and statefinders Th 216
6 June15:15Marcello Musso (Milan) New applications of stochastic inflation Th 216
20 June15:15Hans-Thomas Elze (Pisa) A quantum field theory as emergent description of supersymmetric classical dynamics Th 216
27 June15:15 Barbara Sandhöfer (Köln) Functional Schrödinger equation in quantum field theory Th 216
4 July15:15 Friedrich W. Hehl (Köln) Violation of Lorentz invariance, nonmetricity, and metric-affine gravity (MAG) Th 216
18 July15:15Rainer Schimming (Greifswald) Quadratic Gravitation in n Dimensions Th 216
27 July15:15Engelbert Schücking (New York) Einstein's Apple Th 216