Summer Term 2009
21 April14:00B. Sandhöfer (Cologne) "The Fate of Singularities in Quantum Cosmology" Kosma-Raum
27 April16:00F. Hehl (Cologne) "Cartan's spiral staircase as a simple model for a 3-dimensional space with torsion: a short demonstration" R 215
11 May16:00R. Banerjee (Calcutta) "Hawking effect, covariant anomalies and boundary conditions" R 215
25 May16:00C. Tian (Cologne) "Recent progresses on relativistic nonequilibrium statistical mechanics" Bibliothek Kernphysik
8 June16:00L. Gergely (University of the Szeged) "Tachyon cosmology, supernova data and the Big Brake singularity" R 215
15 June16:00M. Blagojevic (Belgrad) "Canonical structure of topologically massive gravity" R 215
22 June16:00T. Elze (Pisa) "Quantum evolution, information loss and coarse-graining" R 215
29 June16:00W. Wang (Hefei, China) "A quantum theory for a total system including a measuring apparatus" R 215
20 July16:00D. Puetzfeld (Potsdam) "Motion of extended bodies in General Relativity" R 215