Winter Term 2008
22 October16:00C. Beck (London) "Laboratory tests on dark energy" R 215
5 November16:00Y. N. Obukhov (Kön) "Equations of motion in the gauge gravity models" R 215
12 November16:00S. Gutti (Bombay) "Quantum Gravitational Collapse and entropy aspects of BTZ blackhole" R 215
19+26 November16:00C. Steinwachs et. al. (Köln) "Partial and Complete observables" R 215
3 December16:00F. Queisser (Köln) "Cosmological constant from decoherence?" R 215
17 December16:00P. Höhn (Berlin) "Encoding Cosmological Futures with Conformal Structures" R 215
7 January16:00R. Schützhold (Dresden) "Emergent Horizons in the Laboratory" R 215
14 January16:00N. Sieroka (Zuerich) "Materietheorien im Anschluß an Hermann Weyl" R 215
28 January16:00M. Tajmar (Seibersdorf) "Search for Frame-Dragging-Like Signals in the Vicinity of Spinning Superconductors" R 215