Winter Term 2008/2009
20 October16:00F. Hehl (Köln) "Gauge Theory of Gravity IV" R 215
3 November16:00F. Queisser (Cologne) "Environment induced entanglement " R 215
10 November16:00A. Kamenshchik (Bologna/Moscow) "The problem of initial conditions in quantum cosmology and the density matrix of the universe" R 215
17 November16:00A. Barvinsky (Moscow) "Inflation, non-minimal curvature coupling, Higgs boson mass and LHC" R 215
24 November16:00B. Foster (Utrecht) "Observables are not perennials" R 215
8 December16:00F. Hehl (Cologne) "A formal framework for a nonlocal generalization of Einstein's theory of gravitation" R 215
19 January16:00J. Behrend (Ulm) "Various Approaches to an Averaging Process in General Relativity" R 215
2 February16:00S. Faller (Siegen) "Leading Quantum Gravitational Corrections to Newtons and Coulombs Law" R 215