Winter Term 2008/2009
11 September9:00I. Lorenz (Cologne) "Bachelorkolloquium: Gravitoelektromagnetismus - Theorie und Experiment " R 215
11 September10:00J. Neidhart (Cologne) "Bachelorkolloquium:Bachelorkolloquium: Gravitationswellen - Theorie und Beobachtung" R 215
19 October16:00F. Hehl (Cologne) "Nonlocal Gravity Simulates Dark Matter" R 215
9 November16:00T. Guggenmoser (Cologne) "Ellis' Emergent Universe: past-infinite inflation in a spatially closed cosmology" R 215
16 November16:00F. Hehl (Cologne) "On the axiomatics of classical electrodynamics" R 215
23 November16:00L. Mersini (Chapel Hill/Cambridge) "Birth of the Universe from the Multiverse: Echos in the Sky" R 215
30 November16:00C. Kiefer (Cologne) "Indefinite oscillators and black-hole evaporation" R 215
7 December16:00M. Krämer (Bonn/Cologne) "TBA" R 215
14 December16:00M. Dörner (Cologne) "TBA" R 215
21 December16:00F. Queißer (Cologne) "TBA" R 215
11 January16:00Ivan Agulló (Valencia) "Reexamining the predictions of inflation for the CMB anisotropies" R 215
18 January16:00K. Sundermeyer (FU Berlin) "Observables in General Relativity: New Results" R 215
25 January16:00H.-J. Blome (FH Aachen) "Stört der Kosmos die Raumfahrt im Sonnensystem - von der Kosmologie zur Nicht-Newtonschen Gravitation" R 215
1 February16:00S. Schiller (Düsseldorf) "Testing Lorentz Invariance with High-Precision Experiments" R 215
8 February16:00O. Micu (Dortmund) "On the possibility of tidal-charged black holes at the LHC" R 215