Title: "A new approach to quantum measurement problem: cluster separability"

The paper describes a solution to the problem of quantum measurement that has been proposed recently. The starting point is the known fact that a literal understanding of the basic rule of quantum mechanics on identical systems violates the cluster separation principle and so leads to difficulties. A proposal due to Peres of how such difficulties could be removed is developed and extended. In particular, cluster separability leads to a locality requirement on observables and to the key notion of separation status. Separation status of a microsystem is shown to change in preparation and registration processes. These are changes of kinematic description rather than of a dynamical trajectory and so more radical than 'collapse of the wave function'. Textbook quantum mechanics does not provide any information of how separation status changes run, hence new rules must be formulated. This enables to satisfy the objectification requirement for registrations. To show how the ideas work, a simplified model of registration apparatus is constructed.