Title: "On the Ontological Basis for Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and General Relativity"

First, starting from a few postulates and a modified Hamilton variational principle we shall develop an ontological reformulation of quantum theory. We shall then use the new quantum theory to prove all the four laws of thermodynamics, shown to be valid even for a single particle system. In particular, the second law will be shown to provide a spontaneous wave function collapse which brings to us a definite classical reality from a vast and fluctuating quantum potentialities. Finally, we shall prove that , decoding the new dynamics in term of geometrical language, will lead us to Einstein general relativity. Einstein field equation will be shown to be valid for state sufficiently close to stable thermodynamics equilibrium. As one of the application of the new reformulation of general relativity, we shall re-derive the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy, and clarify its problematic physical meaning.