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J. Berg
R. Bulla
C. Kiefer
J. Krug
M. Lässig
B. Maier
T. Nattermann
A. Rosch
A. Schadschneider
S. Trebst
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Theory Colloquium

Veranstalter: R. Bulla, J.Krug
Ort: Seminarraum des Instituts für Theoretische Physik (R215)
Zeit: Freitag, 16:30 Uhr s.t.
(wenn nicht anders vermerkt)


7.6.13 |
M. Troyer, ETH Zürich

| D. Chowdhury, IIT Kanpur and MPI Dresden
Stochastic kinetics of a self-organized complex molecular machine: microtubule-chromosome coupling by ring-rod-hook device abstract

| F. Marquardt, Erlangen

28.6.13 |
T. Galla, Manchester
Effects of intrinsic noise in individual-based models

| Reinhold Egger, Düsseldorf
Coulomb blockaded Majorana fermions

18.10.13 | A. Konechny, Heriot-Watt University


Getting to the Institute

Institute for Theoretical Physics
University of Cologne
Zülpicher Straße 77
D-50937 Köln
Phone +49 (0)221 470 4306

Going by car:

Take the exit number 11 Klettenberg on the freeway A4/E40, which will lead you towards the centre of Cologne. When reaching the junction to Universitätsstraße (1) (you see a tall building on your left) follow the signs to the university: take the turn-around and turn right into Universitätsstraße. After approximately 300 meters you will see a sign leading to the parking lot (2) of the physical and chemical institutes. There you will face two large white flat buildings. The left one houses the department of physics (4).

From Köln Bonn Airport:

Enter train S13 to Köln (Ticket Zone 1b) and get off at station Köln-Deutz. At Köln-Deutz, exit at the rear of the platform and use the connection tunnel to streetcar line 9, direction Sülz. The department of physics (4) is located next to station Universität (3) Total time of travel about 30 minutes.

From Cologne Main Station:

Go to the underground station by following the "U" signs to the cathedral side of the main station. Take streetcar line 18, direction Klettenberg or Brühl or Bonn (Ticket Zone 1b). When reaching station Weisshausstraße (1) after approximately 10 minutes exit the train and leave the platform in direction of travel. At the junction turn right go along Universitätsstraße for about 500 meters. Turn again right into Zülpicher Straße (3) and you will reach the department of physics (4) after a few steps.

From Köln-Süd railway station:

Exit the platform on the northern side (5) (Zülpicher Straße) and turn left. The department of physics (4) is located on the left after 500 meters.

 Getting to the Institute


Hotel Hopper "et cetera", Brüsseler Straße 26, 50674 Köln; phone +49 [0] 221 - 92440 0 email:
Transport: tram lines 1 or 7 to Rudolfplatz or Moltkestrasse
Map from Hotel Hopper to the Institute

Hotel Leonet, Rubensstrasse 33, 50676 Köln; phone +49 [0] 221 - 2730 00
Transport: tram lines 1 or 7 to Rudolfplatz, or line 9 to Zülpicher Platz
Map from Hotel Leonet to the Institute