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    620 articles, six books, cited 16,600 times (Cited Ref.Index, ISI):
  1. Introduction to Percolation Theory, 2nd ed., D.Stauffer and A.Aharony, Taylor and Francis, London 1994 (second printing)
  2. From Newton to Mandelbrot, english translation of outsold German book, also in other languages, 2nd ed., D.Stauffer and H.E.Stanley, Springer Verlag, New York 1995
  3. Computer Simulation and Computer Algebra, 3rd ed., D.Stauffer, F.W.Hehl, N.Ito, V.Winkelmann, J.G.Zabolitzky, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg 1993
  4. Evolution, Money, War, and Computers - Non-Traditional Applications of Computational Statistical Physics, S. Moss de Oliveira, P.M.C. de Oliveira, and D. Stauffer, Teubner, Stuttgart-Leipzig (1999), ISBN 3-519-00279-5
  5. Principles of Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Debashish Chowdhury and D. Stauffer, Wiley-VCH, 2000, ISBN 3-527-40300-0
  6. Biology, Sociology, Geology by Computational Physicists, D. Stauffer, S. Moss de Oliveira, P.M.C. de Oliveira, J.S. Sa Martins, Elsevier, Amsterdam 2006, ISBN 0-444-52146-1
Among review articles are:
  1. Birth, survival and death of languages by Monte Carlo simulation, Comm. Comp. Phys. 3, 271 (2008). With C. Schulze and S. Wichmann
  2. The Penna model of biological aging, Bioinformatics and Biology Insights 1, 91 (2007) =
  3. Percolation models of financial market dynamics ? Adv. Complex Syst, 4, 19 (2001)
  4. Monte Carlo simulations of Sznajd models. J. Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 5, No.1, paper 4 (2002) (
    Foreign member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences; French-German, Canadian-German, and Polish research awards, Dr.h.c. U Liege 2004/2006.

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