Seminar on Statistical Biology: Rare Events in Biological Physics


Johannes Berg, Joachim Krug (, and Muhittin Mungan (mungan@thp.Uni-Koeln.DE)

Statistics and statistical physics not only describe what happens ``typically'', but can also be used to analyse and predict rare events. The statistics of rare events has applications in many different branches of physics, biology, economics, geology, engineering and other fields. This seminar gives an introduction to the statistics of rare events with applications in biological physics.

Specific topics are


Thursdays 12:00, Seminar Room 215 in the ITP (old building). The first meeting is Thursday 13.10.
Please contact the faculty member in charge of your topic for literature pointers well in advance of your presentation.


D. Sornette, Critical Phenomena in Natural Sciences (Springer): Chapter 1-4
Ariel Amir, Thinking Probabilistically (CUP)

The book by Ariel Amir is available online from the university's library here.

Picture credit: unknown painter, ca 1790