Statistical Physics and Quantitative Biology
University of Cologne
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Research news
July 2014
The New Science of Evolutionary Forecasting by Carl Zimmer appears in Quanta Magazine. This feature article discusses our work on influenza.
July 2014
New paper on the adaptive evolution of molecular phenotypes is in press at J. Stat. Mech. The key result is a new test for adaptive evolution of quantitative traits that does not require information on the genetic trait loci.
February 2014
New paper on predicting the evolution of human influenza has appeared in Nature. This work suggests a principled method for influenza vaccine selection. It has been discussed in several commentaries and has received extensive press coverage.
Group, conferences we are involved in, etc.
July 2014
Several group members join the workshop Evolution of Drug Resistance at KITP Santa Barbara.
June 2014
Symposium of the Münster Graduate School of Evolution. Keynote talk by ML.
June 2014
The summer school Mechanisms, Strategies, and Evolution of Microbial Systems, organized by Berenike Maier and ML, takes place in Bad Honnef.
April 2014
Christian Kiefer joins the group as a master student. Welcome!
March 2014
APS March Meeting in Denver. Invited talk by ML.