Statistical Physics and Quantitative Biology
University of Cologne
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Statistical Mechanics
Winter Semester 2012/2013
  1. Thermodymamics of equilibrium
    1. Thermodynamic sytems, states, and processes
    2. Fundamental postulate and Second Law
    3. Equilibrium in closed and open systems
    4. Thermodynamic engines
    5. Thermodynamic stability and phase transitions
    6. Summary: Structure of thermodynamics
  2. Statistical Mechanics of Equilibrium
    1. Probability and uncertainty
    2. Fundamental postulate of stattistical mechanics
    3. Equilibrium ensembles
    4. Second Law and emergence of thermodynamics
    5. Equilibrium in non-interacting systems
    6. Interacting systems and mean field approximation
    7. Fluctuations and cooperative behavior
    8. Summary
  3. Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
    1. Deterministic and stochastic dynamics
    2. Stochastic dynamics of diffusive processes
    3. Examples of diffusive processes
    4. Stationary states and equilibrium
    5. Non-equilibrium and entropy theorems
    6. Summary