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Kolloquia der Fachgruppe Physik

Veranstalter: R. Bulla, J.Krug
Ort: Seminarraum des Instituts für Theoretische Physik (R215)
Zeit: Freitag, 16:30 Uhr s.t. (wenn nicht anders vermerkt)

5.12.14 P. Strack, Köln
Interacting and emergent photons in quantum optics and condensed matter abstract

4.12.14 J. Chalker, Oxford University
Classical loop models and quantum phase transitions abstract

14.11.14 C. Kiefer, Köln
Observations of gravitons from the early Universe? abstract

7.11.14 U. Gerland, TU München
Spatially orchestrated enzyme kinetics in multi-enzyme complexes abstract

4.7.14 M. Hermanns, Köln
Majorana metals and quantum spin liquids abstract

27.6.14 J. Ren, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Spin Seebeck diode and transistor: smart control of energy and information in nano-devices abstract

20.6.14 S. Diehl, Innsbruck
Aspects of Universality in Driven Open Quantum Systems abstract

6.6.14 D. Gross, Freiburg
Quantum cellular automata, the Pauli principle, and vintage movies abstract

23.5.14 T. Wehling, Bremen
Electronic structure of low dimensional materials: from graphene to quantum impurities abstract

16.5.14 P. Werner, Fribourg
Dynamical mean field approach to correlated lattice systems in and out of equilibrium abstract

9.5.14 R. Frank, Tübingen
Signatures of Anderson Localization of Light in Real World Disordered Samples abstract

25.4.14 M. Lässig, Köln
Evolution of influenza: Statistical genetics far from equilibrium abstract

11.4.14 M. Sperl, DLR Köln
Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Granular Matter abstract

7.2.14 J. Eisert, FU Berlin
Taming the non-equilibrium abstract

31.1.14 P. Grassberger, Jülich
Cooperativity in complex epidemics abstract

24.1.14 P. Brouwer, FU Berlin
Disordered Majorana wires abstract

17.1.14 A. Läuchli, Innsbruck
Entanglement spectra: A novel spectroscopic tool to investigate quantum many body wave functions abstract

10.1.14 J.J.M. Verbaarschot, Stony Brook
Dirac Spectra, Tail States and Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking abstract

13.12.13 C. Maes, Leuven
Fluctuations determining response in nonequilibrium system abstract

6.12.13 F. Marquardt, Erlangen
Photons and phonons interacting on a lattice abstract

29.11.13 P. Wölfle, KIT
Critical fermionic quasiparticles near quantum critical points of antiferromagnetic metals abstract

25.10.13 R. Klesse, Cologne
Probability assignment and maximum entropy principles abstract

18.10.13 A. Konechny, Heriot-Watt University
Boundary entropy and its properties abstract

19.7.13 V.L. Pokrovsky, Texas A&M University
Coherence and reflection symmetry breaking in the Bose-Einstein condensate of spin waves abstract

5.7.13 Reinhold Egger, Düsseldorf
Mesoscopic transport properties of multiterminal Coulomb Majorana junctions abstract

28.6.13 T. Galla, Manchester
Effects of intrinsic noise in individual-based systems abstract

14.6.13 D. Chowdhury, IIT Kanpur and MPI Dresden
Stochastic kinetics of a self-organized complex molecular machine: microtubule-chromosome coupling by ring-rod-hook device abstract

7.6.13 M. Troyer, ETH Zürich
Quantum annealing on five hundred qubits? abstract

3.5.13 B. Waclaw, Edinburgh
Physics in the evolution of microbes abstract

26.4.13 F. Assaad, Würzburg
Correlated topological insulators abstract

19.4.13 S. Scheel, Rostock
Macroscopic quantum electrodynamics -- quantum optics with macroscopic bodies abstract

12.4.13 J. Erdmenger, Heisenberg-Institute Munich
Gauge/Gravity Duality: New methods from string theory for strongly coupled systems abstract

25.1.13 [Promotionsfeier Mat.-Nat.-Fakultät]

18.1.13 J. von Delft, LMU Munich
Microscopic Origin of the 0.7-Anomaly in Quantum Point Contacts abstract

11.1.13 P. Calabrese, Pisa
Quantum quenches in one dimensional systems abstract

14.12.12 S. Weinfurtner, Trieste
Quantum Gravity Laboratory abstract

7.12.12 B. Rosenow, Leipzig
Non-equilibrium steady states and charge fractionalization in Luttinger liquids abstract

30.11.12 M.A. Skvortsov, Chernogolovka
Superconducting proximity effect in quantum wires without time-reversal symmetry abstract

23.11.12 P. Politi, Florence
Coarsening: some answers to when and how it occurs abstract

16.11.12 K. Wolff, TU Berlin
Active particles and fluid flow abstract

9.11.12 S. Simon, Oxford
Topological Matter and Why You Should Be Interested abstract

2.11.12 D. Witthaut, Göttingen
Synchronization and Braess' paradox in an oscillator model for power grid operation abstract

19.10.12 BCGS opening in Cologne

12.10.12 L. Fritz, Cologne
Topological insulators: magnetic fields, disorder, and interactions abstract

13.7.12 M. Evans, Edinburgh
Diffusion with stochastic resetting abstract

6.7.12 P. Simon, Paris
Majorana polarization and transport properties in 1D topological superconductors abstract

29.6.12 [Promotionsfeier Mat.-Nat.-Fakultät]

22.6.12 [BCGS poster session in Bonn]

15.6.12 H. Rieger, Saarbrücken
Biophysical models for tumor growth abstract

8.6.12 S. Sachdev, Harvard
Strange metals: field theory versus gauge-gravity duality abstract

25.5.12 I. Müller, Berlin
The terroristic nimbus of entropy - on the history of thermodynamics abstract

18.5.12 S. Lennartz, Edinburgh
Inverse power-law like crack growth in earth materials and its possible origin as an emergent property of localisation abstract

11.5.12 K. Shtengel, UC Riverside
Non-Abelian anyons: New particles for less than a billion abstract

4.5.12 M.O. Goerbig, Paris
Graphene Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and Internal Symmetries abstract

27.4.12 W. De Roeck, Cologne
A rigorous approach to quantum Brownian motion abstract

20.4.12 A. Altland, Cologne
Quantum thermalization abstract

13.4.12 B. Gutkin, Duisburg
Clustering of periodic orbits in chaotic systems abstract

3.2.12 A. Ludwig, Cologne
On the Welfare Effects of Social Security in a Model with Aggregate and Idiosyncratic Risk abstract

27.1.12 H. Meyer-Ortmanns, Bremen
On the versatile role of fluctuations in biological systems abstract

20.1.12 S. Trebst, Cologne
Interactions and disorder in topological quantum matter abstract

13.1.12 J. Schmalian, Karlsruhe
Discrete scale invariance and non-Ginzburg-Landau criticality near quantum percolation transitions abstract

16.12.11 M. Grifoni, Regensburg
Quantum interference effects in interacting quantum dots abstract

9.12.11 D. Diakonov, St. Petersburg
Towards microscopic quantum gravity abstract

2.12.11 G. Schehr, Orsay
Extreme value statistics of non-intersecting Brownian motions : from random matrices to 2d Yang-Mills theory on the sphere abstract

25.11.11 BCGS Opening in Bonn

18.11.11 A. Bunde, Giessen
Long-term correlations in nature: On the clustering of extreme events and the estimation of external trends abstract

11.11.11 no colloquium

4.11.11 G. Radons, Chemnitz
Nonlinear Dynamics of Complex Hysteretic Systems abstract

28.10.11 BCGS Seminar in Bonn

21.10.11 J. Larson, Cologne & Stockholm
Synthetic magnetic fields for neutral ultracold atoms abstract

14.10.11 E. Aurell, Stockholm
Computing stationary states by message-passing abstract
talk starts at 14.30 h !

15.7.11 A. Altland, Cologne
Quantum phase transitions in the cold atom kicked rotor abstract

8.7.11 BCGS event Science meets business announcement
Talk starts at 16.00 h in HS II !

24.6.11 T. Newman, Dundee
Embryogenesis and cancer progression: discrete theoretical methods applied to living systems abstract

10.6.11 R.K.P. Zia, Blacksburg
Towards a classification scheme for non-equilibrium steady states abstract

20.5.11 D. Vollhardt, Augsburg
Construction of exact ground states for correlated electron models abstract

13.5.11 G. Rozhnova, Lisbon
Stochastic fluctuations in systems with intrinsic noise abstract

6.5.11 A. Mitchell, Cologne
Real-Space Renormalization Group Flow in Kondo Systems abstract

29.4.11 K. Hornberger, Duisburg
Environmental distinction of pointer states abstract

15.4.11 A. Traulsen, MPI Plön
Evolutionary game theory: How noise can affect the evolution of cooperation and punishment abstract

8.4.11 N. Manton, Cambridge
Vortices and their Geometry abstract

4.2.11 M. Sperl, DLR Köln
Glass-Transition Singularities abstract

10.12.10 K. Le Hur, Yale
Low-dimensional quantum systems abstract

26.11.10 B. Trauzettel, Würzburg
Dirac Fermions in Graphene and Topological Insulators abstract

19.11.10 B. Rosenow, Leipzig
Spectroscopy of Majorana fermions in non-linear transport abstract

12.11.10 J. Sinova, Texas A&M University
Echoes of special relativity in condensed matter physics: anomalous Hall effect, spin-helix transistors, and topological thermoelectrics abstract

5.11.10 BCGS Welcome Meeting in Cologne

29.10.10 U. Seifert, Stuttgart
Stochastic thermodynamics of non-equilibrium steady states abstract

22.10.10 H. Löwen, Düsseldorf
Colloids: Nonequilibrium under control abstract

15.10.10 B. Mehlig, Göteborg
Clustering, caustics, and collisions in turbulent aerosols abstract

23.7.10 R. Grauer, Bochum
Puzzles in Eulerian and Lagrangian turbulence abstract

16.7.10 J. Berg, Köln
Stochastic gene expression and the statistics of rare events abstract

9.7.10 S. Florens, Grenoble
A local view of quantum mechanics at high magnetic field for the 2D electron gas abstract

18.6.10 M. Bachmann, FZ Jülich
Challenges in Computational Structural Biology abstract

11.6.10 A. Zippelius, Göttingen
Granular fluids abstract

28.5.10 V. Gurarie, Boulder
Unconventional SU(N) magnetism with the alkaline earth atoms and chiral spin liquids abstract

21.5.10 F. Steinle, TU Berlin
The formation of electromagnetic field theory: an unusual case of mathematization? abstract

7.5.10 O. Biham, Jerusalem
Reaction networks with fluctuations: from inter-stellar chemistry to intra-cellular biology abstract

30.4.10 L. Santos, Hannover
Ultra-cold spinor gases abstract

16.4.10 M. Porto, Köln
Proteins: Structure, Folding, and Evolution abstract

5.2.10 B. Rosenow, MPI Stuttgart
Experimental probes of non-abelian anyons in the 5/2 quantum Hall state abstract

29.1.10 M. Marsili, ICTP Trieste
The rise and fall of credit networks abstract

22.1.10 M. Lässig, Köln
From Fisher to Feynman: nonequilibrium statistics of molecular evolution abstract

15.1.10 C. Kuelske, Bochum
Spin dynamics and generalized Gibbsian measures abstract

8.1.10 T. Quella, Amsterdam
A non-abelian generalization of the massless Thirring/free boson correspondence abstract

18.12.09 P. Ferrari, Bonn
The asymmetric exclusion process and random matrices abstract

11.12.09 M. Katsnelson, Nijmegen
Gauge fields in corrugated graphene abstract

4.12.09 Between Physics and Philosophy
Symposion in honour of Prof. Dr. Peter Mittelstaedt on the occasion of his 80th birthday
Program starts at 13.00 h

27.11.09 K. Efetov, Bochum
Transport in a network of Josephson junctions in the insulating state abstract

20.11.09 D. Bagrets, Karlsruhe
Nonequilibrium Luttinger liquids abstract

13.11.09 S. Heusler, Münster
Visualization of entanglement abstract

30.10.09 Kein Vortrag
Übergabe BaMa-Urkunden

16.10.09 A. Schadschneider, Köln
No Panic! - The physics of pedestrian dynamics and evacuation processes abstract

24.7.09 B. Trauzettel, Würzburg
Spin decoherence in nanotube and graphene quantum dots abstract

17.7.09 W. Selke, RWTH Aachen
Classical and quantum anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets abstract

10.7.09 Lei-Han Tang, Hongkong
Power-law performance ranking in exponentially growing populations abstract

3.7.09 O. Entin-Wohlman, Beer Sheva
The conductance of superconducting-normal hybrid structures abstract

19.6.09 A. Läuchli, MPIPKS Dresden
Nature of spin excitations in fluctuating quantum magnets abstract

12.6.09 K. Richter, Regensburg
Spin phenomena in mesoscopic quantum transport: From spin ratchets to spin-polarized currents in graphene nanoribbons abstract

29.5.09 M. Douglas, Stony Brook
Complex Geometry in String Compactification abstract

22.5.09 Debashish Chowdhury, IIT Kanpur
Intra-cellular mobile workshops: exact dwell-time distributions and dynamical phases abstract

15.5.09 Colloquium
in memoriam of Bernhard Mühlschlegel announcement
F. Haake, Duisburg-Essen: Models of Quantum Measurement
Y. Gefen, Weizmann: Weak Measurements in Quantum Mechanics
Colloquium starts at 16:00 h in HS III!

8.5.09 A. Bovier, Bonn
Universality of REM-like ageing in mean-field spin glasses abstract

24.4.09 R. Bulla, Köln
Numerical Renormalization Group Method for Correlated Fermions and Bosons abstract

17.4.09 Job talks (NF Gerland)

30.1.09 A. Winter, Bristol
Entanglement and the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics abstract

23.1.09 M. Ripoll, FZ Jülich
Hydrodynamic simulations of soft matter systems in external fields abstract

16.1.09 T. Guhr, Uni Duisburg-Essen
Credit risk - a structural model with jumps and correlations abstract

9.1.09 H.-P. Büchler, Uni Stuttgart
Quantum critical behavior in strongly interacting Rydberg gases abstract

19.12.08 U. Schollwöck, RWTH Aachen
Trends in Ultracold Atom Gases: Disordered Systems and Relaxation Dynamics abstract

12.12.08 J. Keating, Bristol
Random Matrix Theory and Number Theory abstract

5.12.08 W. Belzig, Uni Konstanz
On time-dependent counting statistics of mesoscopic electron transport abstract

28.11.08 S. Majumdar, Orsay
Large Deviations of the Top Eigenvalue of a Random Matrix abstract

21.11.08 G. Gompper, Jülich
Biological Hydrodynamics: Cells, Sperms, Cilia abstract

14.11.08 BCGS
Welcome meeting

7.11.08 Kein Vortrag
Abschied A. Weinkauf

31.10.08 J. Krug, Köln
Clonal interference and the benefits of sex abstract

24.10.08 R. Bundschuh, Ohio State University/Universität zu Köln
From the Ising Model to Biological Sequence Analysis abstract

17.10.08 P. Pfaffelhuber, Uni Freiburg
On the rate of Muller's ratchet: facts, heuristics, asymptotics abstract

4.7.08 M. Thorwart, Universität Düsseldorf
Real-time path integral approach to quantum transport

13.6.08 U. Gerland, Universität zu Köln
Target search on a dynamic polymer chain

6.6.08 Friederike Schmid, Uni Bielefeld
Polymers in motion

30.5.08 Jens Siewert, Universität Regensburg
Lava channel formation during the 2001 eruption on Mount Etna: Evidence for mechanical erosion abstract

9.5.08 Frank Grosse, HU Berlin
Semiconductor surfaces and growth: Theory and modelling abstract

25.4.08 R. Schützhold, TU Dresden
Dynamical quantum phase transitions abstract

18.4.08 Zdzislaw Burda, Krakow University
Random matrix theory: from fundamental physics to applications abstract

8.2.08 Claus Kiefer, Universität Köln
Quantum Gravity - General introduction and recent developments abstract

1.2.08 Colloquium in honor of Dietrich Stauffer
Kurt Binder (Mainz): Nucleation near critical points, clusters, and spinodals
Dietrich Wolf (Duisburg-Essen): Structure and Dynamics of Nanopowders
Amnon Aharony (Beer Sheba): Why should everybody study percolation?

18.1.08 Jens Eggers, Bristol / Paris
Theory of coating abstract

on the occasion of Thomas Nattermanns 60th anniversary

14.12.07 Benoit Doucot, LPTHE Paris
Josephson junction arrays and topological quantum computation abstract

7.12.07 T.Nattermann, Universität Köln
Bosons in traps - a back of the envelope approach abstract

30.11.07 Simon Trebst, Microsoft Research, Santa Barbara
Spiral spin-liquid and order-by-disorder in frustrated diamond-lattice antiferromagnets abstract

23.11.07 P.Wölfle, Universität Karlsruhe
Transport of interacting electrons through a potential barrier: nonperturbative renormalization group approach abstract

13.11.07 (Sondertermin!) R.Jaffe, MIT
The Casimir Effect: Physical Manifestations of the Quantum Vacuum

9.11.07 Reza Rahimi Tabar, Sharif University, Teheran
Approaching Complexity by Stochastic Methods abstract

26.10.07 M.Lässig, Universität zu Köln
The arrow of time in biology abstract

19.10.07 O.Biham, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Stochastic simulations of genetic regulatory networks abstract

13.7.07 F.Evers, INT Karlsruhe
Multifractality of wavefunctions near surfaces abstract

22.6.07 U.Fischer, Universität Tübingen
Vortex quantum creation and winding number scaling in a quenched spinor Bose gas abstract

15.6.07 J.Meyer, Ohio State University
Electron-electron interaction effects in quasi-one-dimensional quantum wires abstract

1.6.07 T.Vojta, University of Missouri Rolla
Quantum phase transitions on percolating lattices abstract

25.5.07 G.Nudelman, Mount Sinai Medical School, New York
Cellular Automaton Based, Graphically Visualized, Monte Carlo Simulation as a Platform to Address Confined Diffusion in Biological Systems: the Cell Surface Realization abstract

18.5.07 K.Muttalib, University of Florida
Weak localization correction to anomalous Hall effect in ferromagnetic films abstract

11.5.07 I.Cirac, MPI für Quantenoptik, Garching
Efficient descriptions of many-body systems: Simulations and beyond abstract

4.5.07 Ellen Baake, Universität Bielefeld
Mutation-selection models, quantum chains and branching processes abstract

27.4.07 L.Erdös, LMU München
Gross-Pitaevskii equation for the dynamics of the Bose condensate abstract

20.4.07 A.Shnirman, Universität Karlsruhe
Quantum optics in solid state systems abstract

13.4.07 H.Schoeller, RWTH Aachen
Functional Renormalization Group Methods for Quantum Transport abstract

2.2.07 H.Friedrich, MPI für Gravitationsphysik, Potsdam
Decoding Einstein's field equations abstract

26.1.07 H.Dreiner, Universität Bonn
The LHC: How to look for New Physics beyond the Standard Model abstract

19.1.07 C.Bruder, Universität Basel
Noise and current correlations in electronic systems abstract

12.1.07 J.J.M.Verbaarschot, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Facing Phases in QCD abstract

15.12.06 H.Rieger, Universität Saarland
Effects of dissipation in random quantum magnets abstract

8.12.06 R.Ketzmerick, TU Dresden
Chaotic dynamics and quantum surprises abstract

1.12.06 W.Zwerger, TU München
From Fermions to Bosons: strong correlations and universality in dilute gases abstract

24.11.06 D.Bruß, Universität Düsseldorf
Quantum information: an introduction abstract

10.11.06 P.Brouwer, Cornell University
The classical limit of quantum transport abstract

3.11.06 Richard Blythe, University of Edinburgh
The nonequilibrium statistical physics of language change

fällt aus (Inauguration Graduiertenschule)

20.10.06 Vakhtang Putkaradze, Colorado State University & ITP
Mathematical models of self-aggregation of particles: from nano- to millimeter scales (or cheerios at 50 nanometers)

14.7.2006 16 Uhr in Hörsaal III
Verabschiedung von Professor Müller-Hartmann
Y.Kuramoto, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan: Electron dynamics and exotic orders in filled skutterudites abstract
W.Metzner, MPI for Solid State Research, Stuttgart: Renormalization of correlated electrons abstract

7.7.2006 V.Meden, Universität Göttingen
Correlation effects on electronic transport through quantum dots and wires abstract

30.6.2006 A.Altland, Universität Köln
Low energy theory of graphene abstract

23.6.2006 U.Ebert, CWI Amsterdam and TU Eindhoven
Spark formation as a moving boundary problem abstract

16.6.2006 Y.Fyodorov
Single-channel scattering: A sensitive probe of the Anderson localisation abstract

2.6.2006 M.Fleischhauer, Universität Kaiserslautern
Light induced Abelian and non-Abelian effective gauge fields for ultra-cold atoms abstract

26.5.2006 U.-J.Wiese, Universität Bern
Effective Field Theory for Magnons and Holes in an Antiferromagnet abstract

19.5.2006 G.Schütz, FZ Jülich
Single-file diffusion far from thermal-equilibrium abstract

12.5.2006 Axel Pelster, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Bose-Einstein Condensation - An Intriguing Playground for Statistical Physics abstract

5.5.2006 V.Bach, Universität Mainz
Witten Laplacians und Statistische Mechanik

28.04.2006 Leonie Canet, LPT Jussieu, Paris
Non-equilibrium critical phenomena and non-perturbative renormalisation abstract

21.4.2006 C.Kiefer, Universität zu Köln
Decoherence: Concepts and Examples abstract

7.4.2006 Sergei Nechaev, LPTMS, Orsay
New point of view on ballistic deposition: From random walks on braid groups to statistics of random matchings abstract

10.2.2006 Guilini, Universität Freiburg
Inertia and gravitomagnetism abstract

3.2.2006 R.Graham, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Thema wird noch bekannt gegeben

20.1.2006 J.Vollmer,
Vortex formation by active agents as a model for Daphnia swarming abstract

13.1.2006 H.Schanz, MPI für Dynamik und Selbstorganisation, Dresden
Directed chaos in systems with mixed phase space abstract

Peter Lenz (San Diego)
Membranes with Rotating Motors abstract

Karsten Kruse, MPI für Physik komplexer Systeme (Dresden)
Physical Aspects of Cytoskeletal Dynamics abstract

Ralf Metzler (Kopenhagen)
Coupled dynamics of DNA conformations and DNA-binding proteins abstract

Ulrich Gerland (München)
Statistical physics in quantitative biology abstract

Peter Arndt (Berlin)
The Isochore Structure of the Human Genome - from Physics and Biology abstract

Thomas Weikl (Potsdam)
Dynamic aspects of protein folding and adhesion abstract

25.11.2005 Stefan Kehrein, LMU München
Current vs. Correlations: The Nonequilibrium Kondo Model abstract

18.11.2005 Hans Fogedby, Aarhus University
Localized growth modes, dynamic textures, and upper critical dimension for the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation in the weak noise limit abstract

11.11.2005 Tobias Micklitz, Universität zu Köln
Dephasing by Kondo impurities: Exact results abstract

4.11.2005 U.Eckern/H.von Löhneysen, Universität Augsburg/Universität Karlsruhe
Löhneysen: Magnetische Phasenübergänge am absoluten Nullpunkt abstract,
Eckern: Effective Theories of Complex Quantum Systems: Josephson Junctions and the Polaron Problem Revisited abstract

28.10.2005 Detlef Lohse, University of Twente
Granular eruptions: Void collapse and jet formation abstract

21.10.2005 Stephen Watson, Northwestern University
The Morphometry and Coarsening Dynamics of Faceted Crystal Surfaces abstract

22.7.2005 A.Mirlin, Universität Karlsruhe
Interacting electrons in disordered quantum wires: Localization and dephasing

15.7.2005 A.Hüttemann, Universität Münster
The metaphysical turn in philosophy of science

8.7.2005 Martin Howard, Imperial College, London
Accurate cell division in bacteria: Mathematical models for precise positional targeting (Joint Colloquium Physics-Genetics)

1.7.2005 M.Salmhofer, Universität Leipzig
Long time dynamics of random Schrödinger operators

17.6.2005 Jan von Delft, LMU München
Decoherence of interacting electrons in disorder metals: review of a controversy

10.6.2005 Jürgen König, Ruhr Universität Bochum
Spintronics with Many-Body Quantum Systems

2.6.2005, 16:15 Uhr (Sondertermin) M.Mostovoy

27.5.2005 Felix von Oppen, Freie Universität Berlin
Nonequilibrium vibrations in transport through single molecules

23.5.2005, 13:30 (Sondertermin) Goetz Uhrig, Universität des Saarlandes
Dynamics of strongly interacting Degrees of Freedom

13.5.2005 Henry Beresticky, EHESS, Paris
Reaction-diffusion equations and propagation phenomena (Joint colloquium with the mathematics department)

6.5.2005 R.Moessner, CNRS and ENS Paris
Frustration, liquidity and exotic order

29.4.2005 Walter Hofstetter, RWTH Aachen
Nanostructures vs. Cold Atoms: Strongly Correlated Mesoscopic Systems

22.4.2005 Felix Ritort, University of Barcelona
Single molecule experiments in biophysics: Exploring the non-equilibrium behavior of small systems

4.2.2005 Matthias Vojta, Universität Karlsruhe
Impurity quantum phase transitions

28.1.2005 Irene Giardina, Roma
Minority Games and agent based market models

21.1.2005 Anita Mehta, Kolkata
Probing Sand

E.Zeidler, MPI für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften, Leipzig
Quantenfeldtheorie - eine mathematische Herausforderung

17.12.2004 Ralf Bundschuh, Ohio State University
Statistical Physics of RNA folding

10.12.2004 U.Schollwöck, RWTH Aachen
Adaptive time-dependent DMRG: simulating the dynamics of strongly correlated quantum systems

3.12.2004 Ivan Todorov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Problems and Fashion in Mathematical Physics

26.11.2004 Joachim Krug, Universität Köln
Evolutionary trajectories in rugged fitness landscapes

19.11.2004 Dirk Helbing, Universität Dresden
Dynamics of production, supply and traffic networks: from the slower is faster effect to signal control and business cycles

12.11.2004 Arnd Bäcker, TU Dresden
Structure of wave functions in systems with mixed phase space

5.11.2004 16:30 Uhr, Henning Schomerus, MPIPKS
Quantum-to-classical correspondence in ballistic mesoscopic systems

5.11.2004 14:15 Uhr, C.F.Li, Shanghai Universität
Goos-Haenchen-like displacements and beyond

29.10.2004 Vladislav Popkov, Universität Köln
Entanglement entropy of the Heisenberg ferromagnet

22.10.2004 Maya Pacuzki, Imperial College, London
Complex Networks in Astrophysical and Geophysical Systems

15.10.2004 Dietrich Belitz, University of Oregon
Generic Scale Invariance and Critical Behavior: A Unifying View of Quantum and Classical Phase Transitions

6.8.2004 Valerii Vinokur, Argonne National Laboratory
Transport properties of granular metals

23.7.2004 U.Behn, Universität Leipzig
Randomly evolving idiotypic networks

16.7.2004 Johannes Berg, Universität Köln
Of mice and men: Statistical mechanics and biological networks

2.7.2004 Nikolaus Rajewsky, New York University
Decoding of gene regulatory control elements

25.6.2004 V.Mukhanov, LMU München
Inflation: Conjectures versus Facts

18.6.2004 Winfried Zimdahl, Universität Köln
On cosmological equations of state

11.6.2004 Renate Loll, Universität Utrecht
Causality and the microstructure of spacetime

28.5.2004 Bernd Rosenow, Universität Köln
Statistical Mechanics of Stock Prices

21.5.2004 Bahram Mashhoon, University of Missouri-Columbia
Pioneer Anomaly - Anomalous acceleration of outer space satellites

14.5.2004 Andreas Engel, Universität Oldenburg
Hydrodynamics with ferrofluids

7.5.2004 Kai Wiese, Universität Köln
Dynamics in a disordered world

30.4.2004 Jutta Kunz, Universität Oldenburg
Black Holes with Yang-Mills Hair

23.4.2004 Timothy Halpin-Healy, Columbia University, USA and Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands
The Dynamics of Conformity & Dissent

6.2.2004 Luca Peliti, Universita di Napoli
Biological evolution, statistical mechanics, and game theory

30.1.2004 Jürgen Audretsch, Universität Konstanz
Less is more - How to profit from unsharp quantum measurements

21.1.2004 (Sondertermin, 15 Uhr s.t. im Seminarraum der II.Physik)
Elliott Lieb, Princeton University
A second look at the Second Law of Thermodynamics

16.1.2004 Erwin Frey, Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin
Physics in Cell Biology: From Stiff Polymer Networks to Intracellular Transport

9.1.2004 Fritz Haake, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Semiclassical origin of universality in quantum chaos

12.12.2003 Klaus Hornberger, Universität Wien
Decoherence of matter waves: How fullerens turn classical

5.12.2003 Frank Jülicher, MPI für Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden
Dynamic processes in living cells

28.11.2003 Thorsten Emig, Universität Köln
Vacuum fluctuations and geometry: from van der Waals to Casimir

14.11.2003 Festkolloquium zur Emeritierung von Professor Zittartz
Michael Schreckenberg, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Human Decision Making in Traffic (16:30 Uhr in Hörsaal III)

31.10.2003 U.Seifert, Universität Stuttgart
The second law as an equality: Jarzynski's relation and the dynamical strength of biomolecular interactions

24.10.2003 T.Nattermann, Universität zu Köln
Random elastic systems: from flux lines to electrons

25.7.2003 B.Mühlschlegel, Universität zu Köln
Vor 50 Jahren: Doktorarbeit an der Humboldt-Universität Berlin und das damalige Umfeld

18.7.2003 V.L.Pokrovsky, Texas A&M University
Landau Zener Transitions in Noisy Environments

27.6.2003 M.Lässig, Universität zu Köln
Physics of the Elephant

20.6.2003 R.Moessner, ENS Paris
Frustrated ferromagnetism

13.6.2003 P.Thomas, Philipps-Universität Marburg
Signatures of disorder in coherent semiconductor optics

6.6.2003 M.Lewenstein, Universität Hannover
Hannover variations on a strongly correlated system

30.5.2003 S.Koch, Philipps-Universität Marburg
Quantum optical effects in semiconductors

23.5.2003 Gregor Hackenbroich, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Random Lasers

16.5.2003 A.Altland, Universität zu Köln
Electron Transport in Granular Metals

9.5.2003 Florian Merz, Universität Köln
Microwave Induced Zero Resistance in QH Systems

2.5.2003 Fritz Haake, Universität Duisburg-Essen

31.1.2003 H.-P.Nilles, Universität Bonn
String Theory in Particle Physics

24.1.2003 U.Schollwöck, MPI für Festkörperforschung, Stuttgart
Broken time-reversal symmetry in electronic ladder systems

23.1.2003 J.-P.Bouchaud, CEA Saclay
Aging in glassy materials

17.1.2003 M.Mostovoy, Universität Groningen
Unusual ordering in disordered and frustrated systems

10.1.2003 V.Perlick, Universität zu Köln

6.12.2002 C.Gros, Universität Saarbrücken
Wechselspiel von Licht, Spin und Ladung in magnetischen Verbindungen

29.11.2002 S.Theisen, MPI für Gravitationsphysik, Golm
String Theorie - mehr Sein als Schein

22.11.2002 J.Louis, Universität Halle
Theoretische Ansätze jenseits des Standardmodells

15.11.2002 A.Kampf, Universität Augsburg
Korrelationsinduzierte Übergdnge zu isolierenden Phasen

8.11.2002 E.Arrigoni, Universität Würzburg
Korrelierte Elektronen in niedrigen Dimensionen

25.10.2002 PD Dr.Achim Rosch, Universität Karlsruhe
Kleine Ursache, große Wirkung: Überraschungen in der Transporttheorie

24.7.2002 Oswaldo S.M.Alves, Federal University of Goias, Brasilien
The Frog Model: Phase Transition and Asymptotic Shape

12.7.2002 M.Karbach, Universität Wuppertal
The Spin-Spin Structure Factor of the Spin-1/2 Heisenberg Model at T=0

5.7.2002 M.Lazar, MPI für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften, Leipzig
The Gauge Theoretical Description of Dislocations in an Elastoplastic Medium

28.6.2002 I.Sokolov, Humboldt-Universität Berlin
Epidemics, Networks, and Percolation

21.6.2002 M.Reuter, Universität Mainz
Ultraviolet Fixed Point in Quantum Gravity and its Cosmological Implications

7.6.2002 H.Schöller, RWTH Aachen
Real-Time Renormalization Group for Nonequilibrium Systems

31.5.2002 M.Rost, Universität zu Köln
The Theory of Biological Species Formation

27.5.2002 John Chalker, Oxford University
Some Generic Aspects of Bosonic Excitations in Disordered Systems

17.5.2002 Kerstin Kunze, Universität Freiburg
Aspects of Brane Cosmology

10.5.2002 G.I.Japaridze, Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi
The Ionic Hubbard Model: From a Band Insulator To a Mott Insulator

3.5.2002 A.Altland, Universität zu Köln
Ungeordnete Hochtemperatursupraleiter

29.4.2002 Ora Entin-Wohlman, Tel Aviv University
Adiabatic Quantum Pumping

26.4.2002 Ulrich Gerland, UC San Diego
Gene Regulation and Statistical Physics

22.4.2002 17:00 Gunther Schütz, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Stochastische Vielteilchensysteme fern vom Gleichgewicht: von mikroskopischen Modellen zu hydrodynamischen Gleichungen

22.4.2002 15:00 Guy Moore, University of Washington
Why is the Universe Filled with Matter?

20.4.2002 14:00 Haye Hinrichsen, Universität Wuppertal
Epidemische Prozesse mit langreichweitigen Wechselwirkungen

20.4.2002 11:00 Susanne Pfalzner, Universität Köln
Hierarchische Treecodes: vom Kosmos zum Ion

20.4.2002 9:00 Joachim Krug, Universität Essen
Self-organized length scales in crystal growth

19.4.2002 16:30 Jens Carsten Niemeyer, MPI für Astophysik, Garching
Typ Ia Supernovae und die Suche nach der dunklen Energie

19.4.2002 14:30 Jens Eggers, Universität Essen
Skalentheorie hydrodynamischer Singularitaeten

19.4.2002 Alexander Mirlin, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
Magnetotransport of two-dimensional electrons and composite fermions: disorder, interaction, nanostructuring

19.4.2002 Klaus Mecke, MPI für Materialforschung, Stuttgart
Morphologie kondensierter Materie: Physik und Geometrie komplexer Strukturen

18.4.2002 Stefan Bornholdt, Universität Kiel
Physik komplexer Netzwerke

18.4.2002 Dominik Schwarz, TU Wien
Die erste Sekunde des Universums

8.2.2002 H.Paes, Universität Würzburg
Neutrino Masses and Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model

1.2.2002 R.Schack, University of London
Quantum Information

18.1.2002 D.Giulini, Universität Freiburg
Can the Graviton be Massive?

11.1.2002 R.Klesse, Universität zu Köln
Coulomb Drag between Quantum Wires

7.12.2001 M.Mezard, Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay
Two Examples of Glassy Phases: Lennard-Jones Particles, and Randomly Constrained Logical Clauses (K-Satisfiability)

23.11.2001 K.Wiese, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara
Functional Renormalization Group at Large N for Random Manifolds

9.11.2001 P.Stichel, Universität Bielefeld
Gauging of Space Translations for Nonrelativistic Matter

26.10.2001 B.Rosenow, Universität zu Köln
Nonuniversal Behavior of Scattering between Fractional Quantum Hall Edges

6.9.2001 T.Sakai, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology
ESR Selection Rules for Spin-Gapped Systems

14.8.2001 K.Jain, Tata Institute, Mumbai
Conserved Mass Model of Aggregation with Fragmentation at Fixed Sites

24.7.2001 M.Kollar, Yale University
Tunneling Gap of Laterally Separated Quantum Hall States

6.7.2001 A.Ferraz, University of Brasilia
Non-Fermi Liquid in a Truncated 2d-Fermi Surface

29.6.2001 Frank Steiner, Universität Ulm
The Cosmic Microwave Background for a Compact Hyperbolic Universe

26.6.2001 Amnon Aharony, Tel Aviv University
Magnetic Order out of Disorder in the Cuprates

22.6.2001 J.Sucher, University of Maryland
The Long-Range Force between Electrons: beyond Coulomb, Breit and Casimir

8.6.2001 B.L.Altshuler, Princeton University
Two-Channel Kondo Effect from Two-Level Systems? Forget it!

25.5.2001 M.Hasenbusch, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin
The Three Dimensional Ising and XY Universality Classes: High Precision Monte Carlo Results

18.5.2001 Festkolloquium
zum 60.Geburtstag von Professor Müller-Hartmann, Universität zu Köln
J.Zittartz, Universität zu Köln: Einführung
D.Rainer, Universität Bayreuth: Phasenkohärenz in Supraleitern
H.Herrmann, Universität Stuttgart: Bewegungsgleichungen freier granularer Oberflächen
F.Steglich, MPI-CPFS Dresden: Chemische Physik neuer f-Elektronen-Verbindungen
D.Vollhardt, Universität Augsburg: Vom Modell zum Material: ab initio Untersuchungen stark korrelierter elektronischer Systeme

4.5.2001 W.Weber, Universität Dortmund
An Exciting New Superconductor: MgB_2

27.4.2001 M.Kiselev, Universität Würzburg
Semi-Fermionic Approach for Quantum Spin Systems

20.4.2001 Im Mathematisch-Physikalisches Kolloquium
Ch.Schweigert, Universität Paris VI
Zweidimensionale konforme Feldtheorie - einige Gelegenheiten, die nicht verpasst wurden

28.02.2001 N.Kawakami, Osaka University
Quantum Phase Transitions in Frustrated Spin Systems

16.02.2001 J.Berg, ICTP Triest
Granular Matter and Random Graphs

9.02.2001 J.Fröhlich, ETH Zürich
The Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and its Higher--Dimensional Generalizations

31.01.2001 Sei--Ichiro Suga, Osaka University
Dynamical Structure Factor of S=1/2 Bond--Alternating Spin Chains with Next--Nearest Neighbor Interaction in Magnetic Fields

26.01.2001 F.Haake, Universität GH Essen
Decoherence or Why the World Behaves Classically

19.01.2001 A.Eckart, Universität zu Köln
Stellar Dynamics in the Galactic Center: Proper Motions and Anisotropy

12.01.2001 M.Lässig, Universität zu Köln
Surface Growth, Turbulence, and a New Perspective on Field Theory

15.12.2000 H.Spohn, TU München
Random Matrices and Growth Processes

8.12.2000 Mikko J.Alava, Technische Hochschule Helsinki
Droplets in Random Magnets

4.12.2000 J.Brismont, Universite Catholique de Louvain
Science of Chaos or Chaos of Science?

24.11.2000 R.Moessner, Princeton University
Quantum Hall Physics in High Landau Levels

17.11.2000 Susanna Manrubia, MPI für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung, Potsdam
The Statistical Mechanics of Biological Evolution

10.11.2000 F.Jülicher, Institut Curie, Paris
Active Phenomena in Biological Systems: From Molecular Motors to Mechanosensors

6.11.2000 O.V.Teryaev, Universität Regensburg und JINR Dubna
Generalization of the Equivalence Principle and its Check in High Energy Physics

3.11.2000 R.Zia, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA USA, z.Z.Universität-GH Essen
Amercian Football, Barberpoles and Clouds: Pattern Formation in Biased Diffusion of Two Species

27.10.2000 U.Schollwöck, Universität München
Density Matrix Renormalization of Reaction Diffusion Problems

20.10.2000 Y.Kuramoto, Tohoku University, Sendai
High-Temperature Ferromagnetism in Semimetals

14.7.2000 J.Krug, Universität GH Essen
Statistical Physics of the Quasispecies Model for Molecular Evolution

30.6.2000 Th.Pruschke, Universität Regensburg
The DMFT and its Extensions: Application to Transition Metal Oxides

23.6.2000 U.Schollwöck, Universität München
Density-Matrix Renormalization and Reaction-Diffusion Problems

9.6.2000 Stefan Luding, Universität Stuttgart
Statistical Physics for Hard-Sphere Fluids and Granular Media

2.6.2000 D.Pfannkuche, Technische Universität Delft
Aspects of Coulomb Interaction in Semiconductor Nanostructures

26.5.2000 H.Hinrichsen, Universität Duisburg
Robustness of Voter-Type Coarsening

19.5.2000 P.Gumbsch, MPI für Metallforschung, Stuttgart
Modelling of Fracture Processes in Connection with the Brittle-to-Ductile Transition

12.5.2000, W.Zwerger, Universität München
Bose-Condensation in Atomic Gases: Anything New for Theorists?

5.5.2000 K.Fabricius, Universität Wuppertal
The sl_2 Loop Algebra Symmetry of the Six-Vertex Model at Roots of Unity

28.4.2000 M.Barber, Universität zu Köln
Causal Relationships in Neural Networks

14.4.2000 J.Zaanen, Universität Leiden
Stripes and High T_c Superconductivity

28.1.2000 J.Zittartz, Universität zu Köln
Optimumgrundzustände: Dimere, Trimere und Matrixprodukt

21.1.2000 Y.Nazarov, TU Delft
Coulomb Blockade and Scattering

14.1.2000 E.Molinari, Universität Modena
Electron Interactions in the Physics of Nanoscale Semiconductors

7.1.2000 R.Ketzmerick, MPI für Strömungsforschung, Göttingen
Nonlinear Dynamics and Transport in Semiconductor Nanostructures

17.12.1999 A.Mirlin, Universität Karlsruhe
Composite-Fermion Transport in Quantum Hall Systems

10.12.1999 A.Altland, Universität Bochum
Magnetotunneling Spektroscopy: A New Approach to Exploring Mesoscopic Transport Phenomena

3.12.1999 R.Egger, Universität Freiburg
Non-Fermi Liquid Effects in Carbon Nanotubes and Semiconductor Quantum Dots

26.11.1999 B.Roehner, Universite de Paris
Patterns of Speculative Trading

19.11.1999 V.E.Kravtsov, International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste
Non-Equilibrium Mesoscopics: Possible Solution of the Persistent Current and Low-Temperature Dephasing Puzzles

5.11.1999 P.Grassberger, Universität Wuppertal
Go with the Winners: a Strategy Between Evolutionary and Monte Carlo Simulations

29.10.1999 W.Zimmermann, Universität des Saarlandes
Multiscale Dynamics in Complex Fluids

22.10.1999 R.Dijkgraaf, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Mathmatics of String Theory
im Hörsaal des Mathematischen Instituts der Universität zu Köln

15.10.1999 W.Metzner, TU Aachen
Renormalization Group Analysis of the 2d Hubbard Model: Antiferromagnetism and d-Wave Superconductivity

2.7.1999 G.E.Stedman, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Ring Laser Tests of Fundamental Physics and Geophysics

25.6.1999 H.Frahm, Universität Hannover
Correlated Electrons in One Dimension: Aspects of Spin Charge Separation

18.6.1999 M.Kosterlitz, Brown University
XY- and Gauge Glasses: Another Numerical Study

11.6.1999 -- kein Vortrag --

21.5.1999 Thomas Lux, Universität Bonn
Micro-Simulations of Financial Markets and "Stylized Facts"

14.5.1999 M.E.Raikh, University of Utah
Signature of Electron--Electron Interaction in Tunneling Experiments

30.4.1999 F.Gebhard, Universität Marburg
The Mott Metal-Insulator Transition

23.4.1999 B.Horovitz, Ben Gurion--Universität
Quantum Hall Plateau Transitions in Disordered Superconductors

12.2.1999 P.Richter, MPI für Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden
Chaos and interacting electrons in ballistic mesoscopic systems

5.2.1999 K.Wiese, Universität Essen
Polymerized tethered membranes

29.1.1999 J.Negele, MIT, z.Z. Universität Erlangen
Insight into the role of instantons and their zero modes from Lattice QCD

22.1.1999 H.Wagner, LMU München
Rules of Thumb for Estimating Percolation Thresholds

11.1.1999 J.Kertesz, TU Budapest
Modeling Granular Materials

8.1.1999 A.Zawadowski, TU Budapest, z.Z.München
Tunneling Centers in Metals as a Possible Realization of a Two Channel Kondo System

11.12.1998 M.Zirnbauer, Universität zu Köln
The Color-Flavor Transformation

4.12.1998 K.H.Michel, Universität Antwerpen
Elektronische Quadrupolordnung - ein Szenario zum isostrukturellen Phasenübergang in Ce

27.11.1998 G.Schütz, IFF, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Quantum Spin Chains Far from Equilibrium: Current-Carrying States of Integrable Systems at T=0

20.11.1998 U.Eckern, Universität Augsburg
Vortices in Networks of Josephson Junctions

13.11.1998 E.Fradkin, University of Illinois, Urbana
Andreev Reflection, Noise and Black Hole Physics in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

6.11.1998 Y.Ono, Toho University
Dynamics of Nonlinear Excitations in One-Dimensional Electron Systems

30.10.1998 V.Rittenberg, Universität Bonn
Spontaneous Breaking of Translational Invariance and Spatial Condensation in Stationary States on a Ring

23.10.1998 F.Schwabl, TU München
Self-Organized Criticality and Forest Fires

16.10.1998 P.W.Brouwer, Harvard University
Effects of Electron-Electron Interaction on the Conductance of Open Quantum Dots

3.7.1998 S.Scheidl, Universität zu Köln
Order and Transport of Flux-Line Lattices and Related Structures in Disordered Solids

26.6.1998 Y.Kuramoto, U.Everts, P.Fulde, B.Huberman
Festkolloquium für Professor Zittartz

19.6.1998 N.Schopohl, Universität Tübingen
Unconventional Superconductors at Low Temperature: Does There Exist a d-Wave Pairing Symmetry?

12.6.1998 W.Hanke, Universität Würzburg
Symmetry in t-J and Hubbard Models

29.5.1998 L.Schimansky-Geier, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin
Order form fluctuations

15.5.1998 C.Kiefer, Universität Freiburg
Thermodynamic and Quantum Aspects of Black Holes

24.4.1998 J.-M.Rost, Universität Freiburg
Multiparticle Fragmentation from a Critical Point Analysis

17.4.1998 R.Kühn, Universität Heidelberg
Low Temperature Anomalies in Glasses: A Spin Glass Approach

13.2.1998 Herve' Kunz, EPF Lausanne
Classical and quantum dynamics of a particle in a magnetic field

6.2.1998 F.Haake, Universität Essen
Semiclassical spectra from periodic orbits in a mixed phase space

30.1.1998 W.Schirmacher, TU München
The three-disc billiard in a magnetic field: mixed phase space and chaotic quantum scattering

23.1.1998 P.Thomas, Universität Marburg
Ultrafast quantum coherent phenomena in semiconductor heterostructures: quantum beats, Bloch oscillations, THz-emission, dynamical localization

16.1.1998 W.Rühl, Universität Kaiserslautern
Matrix Modelle

9.1.1998 L.L.Hirst, Universität Frankfurt
The microscopic magnetization: concept and application

19.12.1997 H.Weidenmüller, MPI Heidelberg
Random matrix theory

12.12.1997 B.U.Felderhof, RWTH Aachen
Dielectric constant and van der Waals binding energy of disordered systems

5.12.1997 J.Louis, Universität Halle
Particles, strings and D-branes

28.11.1997 H.Eschrig, TU Dresden
On the logical foundations of density functional theory

21.11.1997 B.Shapiro, Technion, Haifa
Intensity distribution for waves in random media

14.11.1997 W.Götze, TU München
What is actually interesting about the mode coupling theory of the glass transition?

7.11.1997 J.Polonyi, Universität Straßburg
Renormalizing into the Mixed Phase

4.7.1997 W.Weller, Universität Leipzig
Chern-Simons-Theories for 2-dimensional Electrons in Strong Magnetic Fields

30.6.1997 A.Koshelev, Argonne National Laboratory
Point-like and line-like melting of the vortex lattice in layered superconductors

27.6.1997 H.Monien, Universität Bonn
Strongly correlated bosons in a magnetic field

20.6.1997 B.Mashoon, University of Missouri, Columbia
Physical Foundations of General Relativity

13.6.1997 L.Balents, University of California Santa Barbara
Correlation effects in cuprate ladders and carbon nanotubes

6.6.1997 R.Graham, Universität Essen
Bose-Einstein condensates and their elementary excitations in atomic traps

4.6.1997 V.M.Vinokur, Argonne National Laboratory
Slow dynamics in a rugged landscape: creep of elastic manifolds through quenched disorder

30.5.1997 H.-J.Mikeska, Universität Hannover
Walking on spin ladders: From Bethe to Haldane

16.5.1997 A.Schakel, Freie Universität Berlin
Dual Ginzburg-Landau Theory

9.5.1997 A.Klamt, Bayer AG
On the continuum representations of solvents in quantum mechanical calculations

2.5.1997 A.Engel, Universität Magdeburg
Statistical mechanics of machine learning

25.4.1997 Termin entfällt
Vortrag verschoben auf 9.5.1997

18.4.1997 U.Seifert, MPI für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung, Teltow
Statistical physics of membranes

14.2.1997 J.Wess, LMU München
Physik in nichtkommutativen Räumen

7.2.1997 Stefan Scheidl, Universität zu Köln
Topologisch induzierte Phasenübergänge ungeordneter Systeme in zwei Dimensionen

31.1.1997 A.Pelster, FU Berlin
Zur Theorie und Anwendung nichtintegrabler Raum-Zeit-Transformationen

24.1.1997 Wolfgang Wöger, PTB Braunschweig
Auswertung von Daten: Bayessche Schlußmethoden und das Prinzip der maximalen Informationsentropie

17.1.1997 S.Dietrich, Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Grenzflächeninduzierte Strukturen in Flüssigkeiten

10.1.1997 J.Eggers, Gesamthochschule-Universität Essen
Dynamische Tropfenbildung

13.12.1996 A.Mirlin, Universität Karlsruhe
Statistics of Eigenfunctions and Energy Levels in Disordered Systems

6.12.1996 S.Fishman, Technion, Haifa
Semiclassical Analysis of Energy Level Correlations of Disordered Mesoscopic Systems

25.10.1996 H.Bougourzi, SUNY at Stony Brook
Symmetry and the exact dynamics of the spin-1/2 Heisenberg model

18.10.1996 H.Orland, Saclay
Protein folding

12.7.1996 M.Parinello, MPI für Festkörperforschung, Stuttgart
Ab-initio molecular dynamics simulations in physics and chemistry

28.6.1996 Ch.Bruder, Universität Karlsruhe
Diamagnetic response and local density of states in NS double layers

28.6.1996 D.Arovas, University of California San Diego
Effective Action and Dynamics of Superfluid Vortices

21.6.1996 E.Eisenriegler, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Boundaries in critical systems: walls and mesoscopic particles in critical fluids and polymer solutions

18.6.1996 A.Efros, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Quantum melting of the Wigner crystal and delocalization transition

14.6.1996 H.-R.Trebin, Universität Stuttgart
Quasikristalle: Struktur und Transport

7.6.1996 M.Lässig, Teltow
On DNA, Superconductors, and Similar Things

24.5.1996 H.W.Diehl, Universität Essen
Critical relaxation from non-equilibrium states: Long-time signatures of the initial state and finite-size effects

17.5.1996 J.Sznajd, Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw
Renormalization of some 2D quantum spin models with continuous symmetry

3.5.1996 Nikolaus Rajewsky, Universität zu Kön
An exactly solvable model for asymmetric diffusion with continuous and non-continuous time, or: A Matrix Product Groundstate for Traffic

26.4.1996 H.Keiter, Universität Dortmund
Verschiedene Zugänge zum Anderson-Gitter: Haben die großen räumlichen Dimensionen uns einer Lösung nähergebracht?

19.4.1996 A.Benyoussef, Universit\'e Mohammed V, Rabat, Marokko
Defect-plane in the three-dimensional Ising model

16.2.1996 M.Kasner, Universität des Saarlandes
Thermodynamik eines Quanten-Hall-Ferromagneten

9.2.1996 V.Kagalovsky, z.Z. MPI für Kernphysik, Heidelberg
Temperature Scaling of Conductance between Quantum Hall Plateaus

2.2.1996 D.Polyakov, Ioffe Institute St.Petersburg, z.Z. Universität Köln
Spin-Orbit Interaction and the Quantum Hall Effect

26.1.1996 U.Everts, Universität Hannover
Der Heisenberg-Antiferromagnet auf dem Dreiecksgitter: topologische Anregungen

19.1.1996 K.-H.Mütter, Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Was macht ein Antiferromagnet in einem homogenen Magnetfeld?

12.1.1996 J.Krug, IFF, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Strominduzierte Instabilitäten an Oberflächen: Von Glühlampen und Sandstränden

22.12.1995 J.-P.Bouchaud, CEA Saclay
Models of off-equilibrium dynamics and aging in spin-glasses and glasses

15.12.1995 R.Römer, RWTH Aachen
Die Familie der 1/r^2-Quantenvielteilchensysteme

8.12.1995 Y.Kagan, Russische Akademie der Wissenschaften und Kurchatov-Institut, Moskau
Kinetics of Bose-condensation in interacting Bose-gases

1.12.1995 Michael Baake, Universität Tübingen
Korngrenzen, Zwillinge und Koinzidenzuntergitter

24.11.1995 Thomas Strobel, RWTH Aachen
Gravitation in einer zweidimensionalen Raumzeit

17.11.1995 G.Beme, Eötvös-Universität Budapest
Intermittency as a scattering problem

10.11.1995 I.Varga, Technische Universität Budapest
Spacing distribution around the metal-insulator transition in the 3d Anderson model

3.11.1995 F.G.Mertens, Universität Bayreuth
Kollektive-Variablen-Theorie für Wirbel im 2-d anisotropen Heisenbergmodell

27.10.1995 G.Schön, Universität Karlsruhe
Inelastisches Resonanztunneln in Tunnelkontakten

20.10.1995 A.Altland, Universität Köln
Spektralstatistik mesoskopischer Systeme

10.10.1995 A.Finkelstein, Weizmann Institute
Resonance in One-Dimensional Fermi Edge Singularity

27.7.1995 S.Levit, Weizmann Institute
Coulomb Drag of Edge Excitations in the Bosonic Chern-Simons Theory of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

21.7.1995 R.B.Griffiths, Carnegie-Mellon-Universität, Pittsburgh
Locality in Quantum Mechanics

11.7.1995 F.Igloi, Budapest
Phase Transitions in Non-Periodic Systems

7.7.1995 A.B.Harris, University of Pennsylvania
Structure and Mean Field Theory of Fullerenes C_{60} and C_{70}

23.6.1995 K.Schönhammer, Universität Göttingen
Luttinger-Flüssigkeitsverhalten in quasi-eindimensionalen Leitern?

16.6.1995 A.Ceccatto, Rosario, Argentinien
Neural Network Applications in Time Series Analysis and Nonlinear Process Control

14.6.1995 J.Audretsch, Universität Konstanz
Quantenoptik beschleunigter Atome

2.6.1995 Gerhard Lessner, Universität GHS Paderborn
Galaxienentstehung unmittelbar nach der Rekombinationsphase

26.5.1995 J.Villain, CENG Grenoble
Zenos Paradoxon und Kristallwachstumsinstabilitäten

22.5.1995 M.Continentino, UFF Rio de Janeiro
Metal-Insulator Transitions in Semi-Metals and Kondo Insulators

19.5.1995 C.W.J.Beenakker, Universität Leiden
Universal fluctuations in metals and superconductors

12.5.1995 Holger Kantz, MPI für Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden
Nichtlineare Zeitreihenanalyse: Deterministisches Chaos versus stochastische Prozesse

28.4.1995 G.Uimin, Moskau, zZ Köln
CeB_6: Many theoretical puzzles! Is there a universal answer?

21.4.1995 Walter Zimmermann, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Musterbildung in hydrodynamischen Systemen und biologischen Membranen