The Early Universe

14756.2002 (KLIPS / ILIAS)  |  Winter term 2021/22

Prof. Dr. Claus Kiefer

There will be video recordings of the lecture. The videos will be found here. It is planned that they are available by Thursday evening every week, starting from October 14, 2021.

Specialized Master course within the Primary Area of Specialization GR-QFT

The Cosmic Microwave Background as seen by Planck

Contents of the lecture

Description of the Universe in the first three minutes of its existence with special focus on the inflationary universe.


This course is intended for Master students with a background knowledge in General Relativity.

Attention: Due to circumstances, the final two videos will be put online at the beginning of February.

As a preparation, Chapter 12 of Relativity and Cosmology II is suggested.


Mirrors Section Release
Vimeo YouTube 0. Overview & 1. The expanding Universe Oct 22
Vimeo YouTube 1.1. Cosmological Redshift Oct 27
Vimeo YouTube 1.2. Distance measures & 1.3. Temporal evolution of the scale factor Nov 3
Vimeo YouTube 1.4. Horizons & 1.5. de Sitter space Nov 10
Vimeo YouTube 2. The hot Universe Nov 17
Vimeo YouTube 2.1. Leptonic phase & 2.2. Nucleosynthesis Nov 24
Vimeo YouTube 2.3. (Re)combination & 2.4. Baryogenesis & 2.5.Topological defects Dec 1
Vimeo YouTube 3. Inflation I: The homogeneous limit & 3.1. Flatness problem
& 3.2. Horizon problem
Dec 8
Vimeo YouTube 3.2. Horizon problem (continued) & 3.3. Scenarios of inflation Dec 15
Vimeo YouTube 3.3. Scenarios of inflation (continued)
& 3.4. Examples of inflationary potentials
Dec 22
Vimeo YouTube 4. Gravitational instability in Newtonian theory Jan 12
Vimeo YouTube 4. Gravitational instability in Newtonian theory (continued)
& 5. Gravitational instability in GR
Feb 2
Vimeo YouTube 5. Gravitational instability in GR (continued)
& 6. Inflation II: Quantum origin of primordial fluctuations
Feb 4