Quantum Gravity

53108  |  Summer term 2014

Prof. Dr. Claus Kiefer

Mondays, 16:00-17:30, in the seminar room of the Institute for Theoretical Physics

Start: April 7, 2014

Specialized Master course within the Primary Area of Specialization GR-QFT

Contents of the lecture

Introduction to several approaches to unify gravity and quantum theory

Hartle-Hawking instanton

Exercise classes


Branislav Nikolićnikolic@thp.uni-koeln.de, office K103 (Nuclear Physics Institute, ground floor)

Time and place:  

Fridays, 14:00-15:30, in room 303 of the II. Physical Institute
Start: May 23, 2014


C. Kiefer, Quantum Gravity, third edition (Oxford University Press)

The second edition is available at Oxford Scholarship Online.