Quantum Gravity

14756.2097  |  Summer term 2022

Prof. Dr. Claus Kiefer

The course is 2 hours per week and planned to be given by video recordings. Videos will be available by Thursday evening every week, starting from April 14, 2022. This course is incomplete and will be completed here later.

In addition, there is a supplement to the lecture course for discussions, questions, exercises:
Thursdays, 11:00–11:45 in room 0.03 (new building).
Start: April 21,
No meeting on April 28 and May 5.

Specialized Master course within the Primary Area of Specialization GR-QFT

Hartle-Hawking instanton

Contents of the lecture

Introduction to several approaches to unify gravity and quantum theory.


Mirrors Section Release
Vimeo YouTube 0. Overview & 1.Why Quantum Gravity?
& 1.1. Quantum theory and the gravitational field
Apr 13
Vimeo YouTube 1.2. Problems of a fundamentally semiclassical theory
& 1.3. Approaches to quantum gravity
Apr 20
Vimeo YouTube 2. Covariant approaches to quantum gravity
& 2.1. The concept of a graviton
Apr 27
Vimeo YouTube Path-integral quantization May 4