Advanced Seminar on Relativity and Cosmology

14756.5001  |  Winter term 2023/24

Prof. Dr. Claus Kiefer

This seminar will take place on Wednesdays, 10:00–12:00,
room 215 (theory seminar room old building).
Maximally 15 participants are allowed.

Preparatory meeting: Oct 11, 2023

Advanced seminar within the Primary Area of Specialization GR-QFT

Contact person: Tatevik Vardanyan (3.04 new building ThP)


Topics from the lecture courses on Relativity and Cosmology I and II. The attendance to these courses is required.

It is recommended to give a blackboard talk. But you can, of course, use the projector to show graphs and images. The talk time should not exceed 60 minutes in order to allow for questions and discussions.

Date Speaker Topic Literature
Oct 11 Preparatory meeting
Dec 6 Lisa Galvagni The Shadow of Black Holes
A. Grenzebach, The Shadow of Black Holes, Springer, 2016;
Event Horizon Telescope;
The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 875 (2019) L1, arXiv:1906.11238.
Dec 13 Lorenzo Santoni Kerr Black Hole
J. Hartle, Gravity (Addison-Wesley), ch. 15;
M. Begelman and M. Rees, Gravity’s fatal attraction (2nd ed., Cambridge University Press 2010);
P. Townsend, Black Holes, arXiv:gr-qc/9707012.
Jan 17 Ahmed Elsherbini The inflationary universe
V. Mukhanov, Inflation: Homogeneous Limit,
D. Baumann, TASI Lectures on Inflation, arXiv:0907.5424,
lectures 2 and 3.
Jan 24 Michael Behrendt Thermodynamics of Black Holes
S. Carlip, Black Hole Thermodynamics, arXiv:1410.1486.
Jan 31 Prof. Dr. Claus Kiefer On singularity theorems
R. Kerr, Do Black Holes have Singularities?, arXiv:2312.00841.