Sandeep Suresh Cranganore

Former master student

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Thesis (official) Title-

On the applications of torsion in Quantum Gravity

Current research interests

  • Field theory of commutators of the currents of Riemann-Cartan space-time
  • Applications of Current Algebra in gravitation
  • Gauge approach to gravity,
  • Gravitational Anomalies (Lorentz Anomaly)
  • Existence of asymmetric energy-momentum currents in nature
  • High energy physics and Sugawara model

Long term interests

  • Gauge theories of gravitation
  • Chromogravity
  • Role of Fermions in Quantum gravity
  • Number theory and group theory
  • Spin currents and canonical energy–momentum currents as sources of particles and extension of the standard model


BCGS Honour's branch student: 10/2019- present

Seminars attended

  • 678 th WE-Heraeus Foundation 100 years of Gauge theory(Remembrance of Hermann Weyl’s contribution) (2018)
  • 3 day seminar in Bad Honnef (2018)


Summer term 2020: Vektoranalysis und Lineare Algebra (Prof. Dr. Alexander Altland)

Thesis Supervisor

Prof. Dr. Claus Kiefer

Thesis Guide

Prof. Dr. Friedrich W. Hehl (i.R.)

Sandeep Suresh