The seminar will take place at the Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef, Germany.


Hauptstr. 5
53604 Bad Honnef

Link to Google Maps »

You can find more information on the Physikzentrum, in particular on the accommodation facilities and the conference room, here »

How to get there

For an overview of how to get to the Physikzentrum from various locations, please take a look at this webpage:  Directions »

You can look up the available train connections on the website of the Deutsche Bahn:  Train connections »

The destination of your train ride is either “Rhöndorf” if you want to walk to the Physikzentrum or “Bad Honnef” if you prefer to take a taxi.
Please take a look at the information below for more details on these options.
If the webpage showing the available train connections displays the message “Fares not available”, it only means that this connection lies within the VRS transport association area and you must buy your ticket directly at the station of departure before boarding the train.

For those participants whose flight arrives at Cologne/Bonn airport, we have provided the following more detailed description:

From Cologne/Bonn airport

After you have arrived at Cologne/Bonn airport and left the arrivals area, follow the signs to the train station. It takes about 15 minutes to walk there. When you arrive at the station, make sure to buy a ticket before going down to the platform.
You can find several ticket machines in the foyer/lobby of the train station. Unfortunately, there is no ticket counter at this airport. The interface of the ticket machines looks more or less like this »
Choose one of the available languages and click on the button “point of departure – destination”, type in “Rhöndorf” or “Bad Honnef” as destination of your trip and follow the steps on the screen.
The ticket you are offered should cost 11.30 € in both cases (price level 5 of the VRS transport association fare).
You can pay by cash (coins and usually banknotes) as well as (German) debit card. Note that credit cards and non-German debit cards might not be accepted.
Your ticket should already be validated, which you can check by looking for the phrase “Für den sofortigen Fahrtantritt bereits entwertet.” (“Already validated for an immediate start of the journey.”).
Please note that it is absolutely necessary that you buy your ticket before boarding the train. It is not possible to buy tickets after boarding even if you directly approach a train conductor/attendant. If you are caught by a ticket inspector without having a valid ticket you are faced with the unpleasant situation that you have to identify yourself and pay a fine of 40 €.

Once you have your ticket, take the escalator down to platform 4 and take the regional express train RE 8 towards “Koblenz” (or “Linz”). The train departs on Sundays once every hour at xx:51 up to 19:51. Please note that the train stops in sections D to F of platform 4. Do not wait in sections A to C, otherwise you have to perform a serious sprint in order to catch your train.
Get off the train at the station “Rhöndorf”, if you want to walk (about 1 km) to the Physikzentrum. Or stay on the train for one more station until “Bad Honnef” in order to take a taxi to the Physikzentrum. The train ride from the airport to Rhöndorf takes 31 minutes (7 stations), to Bad Honnef it takes 34 minutes (8 stations).

There is an alternative connection that involves changing trains in “Troisdorf” and therefore takes 49 to 52 minutes. This connection is only recommended if you miss the RE 8 by less than five minutes or if you arrive after 20:00.
In these cases, take the S-Bahn S 13 towards “Troisdorf” from platform 3, sections E and F. This S-Bahn departs on Sundays every hour at xx:26 and xx:56, but only the trains that depart at xx:56 offer a suitable connection to Rhöndorf/Bad Honnef. After 20:00 only the trains departing at 20:56 and at 22:56 offer this connection. Take one of these trains up to the station “Troisdorf” and stay on platform 6 to take the regional train (“Regionalbahn” RB 27) towards “Koblenz” (or “Linz”) 15 minutes later up to the station Rhöndorf or Bad Honnef.

Walking from “Rhöndorf” station to the Physikzentrum

If you have decided to get off the train at Rhöndorf in order to walk to the Physikzentrum, follow these directions:  Link to Google Maps »
But note that this is a walk of about 1 km. There is in fact a bus connection directly to the Physikzentrum (bus 566), but this bus departs from the train station on Sundays once every hour at xx:52 up to 20:52, which is unfortunately half an hour after the RE 8 has arrived in Rhöndorf, but it would fit for the regional train RB 27. (The ticket you bought is still valid on the bus.)

Taking a taxi from the station “Bad Honnef” to the Physikzentrum

If instead of walking you prefer to take a taxi, it is recommended to get off the train at Bad Honnef, because the probability that there are taxis waiting in front of this station is much higher than at Rhöndorf station.
In the unlikely event that you do not find a taxi in front of the station, you can call +49 2224 2222 or +49 2224 2121 to order one.